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ANEXIO: Trusted IT Provider for Mid-Market Customers Everywhere

Striving to be the leading provider of mission critical Managed IT services, ANEXIO offers a complete “Desktop to Data Center” product portfolio to mid-market customers around the corner or around the world. The company is the preferred IT Provider for organizations seeking to optimize their information security, operational resiliency and disaster recovery footing via reliable Cloud services built on the bedrock of world-class infrastructure.
Bottom line, the company has the mission-critical infrastructure that customers trust including: eight highly secure data centers, a super-fast IP network with speeds up to 100 gigabits per second and an IT control center that proactively monitors customer solutions. ANEXIO has established an IT platform niche, which fills the business gap between small, mom and pop shops and large, multi-national IT firms.
“Every day, we show up to work determined to help customers make a smooth transition from their legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, “ mentions Tony Pompliano, the ANEXIO President and CEO. The company is operating in a large market and is finding success by listening to their customers and then designing custom IT solutions for each opportunity. Wrapped around its compliance-driven IT solutions portfolio are ANEXIO’s proprietary customer support bundles with industry-leading operating procedures and US-based customer service that separates ANEXIO from the competition.
Seizing the Opportunity to Translate a Vision into Reality
The idea behind the inception of ANEXIO stemmed from the mind of Tony Pompliano and is a direct result of his rigorous research on how to better serve the thousands and thousands of mid-market customers. Almost five years ago, he witnessed a technology transformation occurring, wherein mid-market companies were migrating from premise-based solutions to cloud-based or data center solutions. Tony saw an opportunity to acquire several regionally-focused IT firms, and consolidate them to create scale, both in terms of the size of the company, and in terms of the size of the service portfolio.
The visionary leader always had an inherent belief about himself and didn’t mind working tirelessly to attain success. He exclaims, “I’ve learned how to establish and reinforce culture, hire the right people at the right time, measure everything, celebrate the wins and learn from the losses and through it all stay very focused on delivering relentless customer support.”
A Leader with Unrivaled Industry Experience
Having more than three decades of experience as an executive in the IT industry, Tony Pompliano has led the company to where it stands today. He is an expert in cloud and data center technology management, mergers and acquisitions and ramping revenue at early stage companies. Fueled by the satisfaction of his customers, Tony has a proven track record of increasing revenue faster than the industry rate, expanding EBITDA and growing market share. It should come as no surprise that under his able leadership, ANEXIO’s compounded annual growth rate over the last three years has been 972 percent!
But the road hasn’t always been a bed of roses; speed bumps and struggles have been a constant presence. As with any enterprise, whether it be a new start-up or 100-year old company, every one of them has their own hill to climb. Tony advises early stage companies to sell what the customer wants to buy. “Invest all of your time in understanding your customer’s pain points and then quickly create solutions to help them.”
Customer-Driven Success
ANEXIO follows a simple route to stay ahead of its competition – stay close to the customer, understand their challenges and provide them with the products and services that they require. Another differentiator that makes the company stand out among the crowd is its dedicated workforce. The resolute professionals of ANEXIO are committed to providing managed services that customers can trust.
At ANEXIO, the employees go the extra mile to leverage the company’s assets and differentiate the offerings in a way that creates value beyond what might generally be available in the market place. In today’s ever-changing world of technology, customers appreciate the fact that ANEXIO cares enough to think about and anticipate their future needs.
A Future of Continual Progress
Riding high on its wave of success, ANEXIO will continue to grow through a combination of acquisitions and organic revenue. Acquisitions of regionally-focused companies will bring additional scale in terms of customer base, service offerings and technical expertise. While channel sales and direct sales will continue to increase organic revenue by selling the company’s expanding set of well-defined products and services.
Tony concludes by mentioning, “More wins, more acquisitions and more momentum are in ANEXIO’s future. ANEXIO is just getting warmed up. We’re only in chapter one of our customer-driven success story.”

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