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ANEGIS Solutions: Transforming Businesses with Next Generation ERP, CRM and BI Applications

Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, is a suite of customisable applications that allows businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes. ERP solution providers offer a range of services, products and solutions that are geared to enhance business processes efficiently and cost effectively. Whether it is a small or mid-size business, there are several advantages to adopting enterprise resource planning software.
However, employing ERP sometimes can be very costly and confusing. Often, providers misjudge client requirements and offer a product which does not match their needs or expectations. This confusion can lead to several unnecessary implementations and the solutions may turn out to be overpriced.
Businesses need an ERP provider that can accurately identify their needs and then propose a solution which can improve their organisational processes in line with their expectations. ANEGIS is one such company.
ANEGIS is the largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics consultancy in Europe and it has offices in the UK and Poland. ANEGIS designs and implements the next generation of intelligent business applications – ERP, CRM and BI – that enable organisations to grow, evolve and transform, achieve a competitive edge and improve their bottom line.
As a multiple Microsoft Gold Partner, ANEGIS are experts at building Microsoft platform solutions with technologies including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality.
Wide Array of Solutions
ANEGIS offers digital transformation solutions for medium to large businesses, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), Augmented Reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). They are experienced at complex deployments of business software systems and are often engaged to perform project recoveries, upgrades, and performance troubleshooting.
The company offers a wide range of Microsoft-powered products, including Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Azure, Power BI and PowerApps. It caters to the needs of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, food and beverages, professional services, retail and advertising and marketing industries.
The Dynamic Duo
Michal Tekiela is the CEO and founder of ANEGIS. With over twenty years of experience in the ERP industry, he is one of the most respected professionals in the field of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. After spending over 15 years at the sharp end of ERP development and implementation, Michal founded ANEGIS to service the UK market.
He has led many enterprise-scale Dynamics projects and uses that experience to develop an implementation methodology that delivers business objectives swiftly while minimising risks.
Krzysztof Langner, the Chief Sales Officer of the company is an award-winning solutions consultant with over twenty years of experience in the IT industry. Krzysztof has overseen enterprise-scale projects in retail, distribution and manufacturing and has created several innovative industry-specific solutions.
The striking success that ANEGIS has enjoyed consistently over the years can be attributed directly to the capabilities and leadership skills of this talented duo.
Genuine Expertise and Integrity
In a business sector which has a poor reputation for successful delivery of projects, the most important qualities are genuine expertise and integrity. The psychological aspect of change management is often undervalued in the implementation process and can prove more problematic than technical issues.
The teams at ANEGIS possess collective experience spanning a broad range of industries and business cultures, and therefore understand the implications of change and how to successfully address the issues.
Another factor is that in today’s market, it is too easy to allow customers to plan something unachievable, leading to disappointment further down the line.
ANEGIS employs only experienced professionals and contractually dedicates specified resources to ensure its clients consistency and continuity. This is its tried and tested methodology for successful project implementation.
Tailor-made Solutions for Every Requirement
ANEGIS provides clients end-to-end solutions tailored to their unique requirements rather than piecemeal solutions that require complex integration. The company is focused on delivering solutions that improve clients’ business processes to improve both their competitiveness and their bottom line.
It has demonstrated its expertise by providing incredibly effective solutions in real-time over the years. Many industry leaders have expressed their admiration for the way ANEGIS successfully deployed a custom-built Dynamics AX system in a leading media organisation where four previous implementation attempts had failed.
Futuristic Digital Solutions that Create Value
ANEGIS is not solely an IT consultancy. The company helps its clients achieve businesses transformation in the digital age by reimagining how they bring together people, data and processes to create value for their customers. The company plans to bring even more innovative products to the market and is determined to provide and maintain a competitive advantage for its clients in a fast-moving world.
ANEGIS has grown and expanded its client base across Europe, particularly in the Nordic and central European markets, and is now planning to target other European markets as well.
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