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Anand Adya: Finding an opportunity in risk

An entrepreneur gets driven towards the entrepreneurial mindset due to the ability to define one’s own career and destiny, and having full freedom to create something that helps solve a particular problem. Along these lines, Anand Adya, Founder and CEO of Greenlight Technologies felt the ultimate impetus to jump in with both the feets when the euphoria and infectious success of his friends during the dot com era came into being.
Anand says, “There’s nothing more exciting and challenging than coming up with a vision for a company and then actually building it from the ground up. It’s a humbling and rewarding learning experience to assemble a team of people who are dedicated, talented and have signed up to make the company successful. The most gratifying experience is my interaction with happy and satisfied customers. ”
Today, Greenlight is helping some of the top companies deal with the most critical issue of early times –risk and financial performance. Anand is excited and privileged to be associated with some of the brightest minds to help tackle this problem.“Every day is like no other day. Life is short if you don’t enjoy it, do something different,” adds Anand.
Marching toward required Advancement
During his second year at Wharton, Anand wrote a thesis on “Impact of SOX on long term shareholder value”. This was very contemporary during those days. While researching various companies and stakeholders in the compliance process, he saw an enormous opportunity to introduce automation in the area of risk and compliance management. The majority of compliance and controls activities were largely manual and based on limited sample testing.
Anand set out with a vision to create a technology platform that will allow companies to detect and prevent compliance violations by monitoring 100% of business transactions across all business applications in real time.
With time, Greenlight has evolved as a company to provide increased layers of business value, such as financial performance improvement. It is this platform that provides a foundation for scalable, sustainable solutions for SOX, Finance, as well as regulatory compliance mandates across industries. Today, the company is a pioneering leader in risk, financial performance and regulatory compliance solutions.
Unprecedented Services of Greenlight
Greenlight’s unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple technology domains, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform. Global 1000 companies rely on Greenlight to efficiently enable sustainable access compliance and transaction-control monitoring across enterprise applications and business processes.Their solutions currently include:
Access Violation Management –With AVM, enterprises are able to identify every instance where actual violations have materialized, regardless of current or past user access. They can accomplish this by automating the identification and review of materialized access violations across all users and business processes, regardless of underlying technology.  The benefits include minimized manual activities on control auditing and monitoring, visibility of financial exposure from unresolved access risk, better decision-making on access rights, and improved risk information when making process changes.
Regulation Management – This solution allows enterprises to confidently assess and respond to regulatory changes, accelerate compliance with new mandates, and expand controls automation across the enterprise. It enables them to establish accountability and share best practices across key stakeholders, standardize disparate regulatory requirements, and demonstrate end ­to ­end compliance.
Financial Performance and Risk Analytics–Strategic decision-making in fast-changing environments is complex and requires a different approach. Greenlight’s integrated Financial Performance and Risk Analytics solution helps a company achieve the next frontier of competitiveness, profitability, and efficiency. With a focus on making a financial impact, the solution includes predictive methods, easy-to-use analytics, continuous monitoring and integrated information from multiple system domains to enable strategic decision-making, improvement actions and Finance Transformation initiatives.
 Security Risk Analytics –This solution is designed to work with existing security solutions to correlate the business risk to security events and alerts in order to provide streamlined, effective management of threats and improve cyber security posture. It leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function and risk intelligence with security, compliance and incident data.
The Entrepreneurial skills for success
Listen, listen and listen. Be ready to course correct. Validate your hypothesis every second month by meeting a few employees, customers and partners. Never ever stay away from customers—before, during and most importantly after sales.
Products to be released
The Finance organization is undergoing transformation to evolve from reporting and “number crunching” functions to becoming a strategic business partner with plenty of value to bring to the table.In the process, the Office of CFO and its organizations, such as Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury, and Finance Operations, are providing more and more decision-making support to business units and functions. Greenlight is releasing advanced analytics products to enable strategic decision-making and Finance Transformation so that Finance can:

  • Build a more integrated relationship with internal and external organizations;
  • Supply information for decision-making at a greater speed and volume; and
  • Develop a holistic understanding of what levers and drivers will improve business performance.

Entrepreneur needs raring to go attitude for a Startup
According to Anand, “ If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, you have to focus on an area that you’re passionate about. This means you have to have a deep commitment to the products or services you plan on providing because this is something that draws in the best employees and inspires them to help you move your vision forward.”

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