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An App To Search Clothes For Your Body Shape

Buying clothes online has many negative points, one is not 100 percent sure about the fit and fittings of the product. That’s why most of the time customers buy two sizes and return one, which results to high shipping and return cost for the seller. So, to solve the problem, a startup named Savitude is here. It makes sure that the clothes you buy will not only fit you but will also look good as per your body shape.

The startup has built a SaaS product, which, currently is live on a retailer’s website and is now guiding potential customers if the clothes will fit them well. The company has also built an app that works on a tablet inside any offline store and eventually helps sales representatives to guide their customers better in terms of fit and looks.
Potential customers normally have to answer six questions that helps to categorize the body shape, and most of the questions come in the form of interactive images, for better understandings. The body shapes shown in the interactive images were created after studying many women, who were scanned by the company with the help of 3D scanners. Savitude can accurately figure out shape by focusing on body shape and after going through all the processes, users are divided into one of nine body types.

The company uses IBM Watson’s visual recognition technology to search a retailer’s inventory and categorize those clothes into nine categories. Retailers just have to provide the access to their inventory which will let the software to classify each item. However, Savitude wants to learn more about the potential customers, so that it can help with clothes that meet color and design preferences. With more knowledge, the company can eventually provide retailers with all these data which will help them to manage their inventory better.
For now, the company will only work with women’s wear and body types, however the company is planning to expand into menswear soon.