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Amy Buynoski, VP Builder Service Manager, South State Bank

Amy Buynoski: A Leader Who Weaves Her Team and Clients with Familial Environment

Imagine walking into a bank where you feel at home, your work process is carried out seamlessly, and you feel like an essential aspect of the bank. Seems impossible, right? But when it comes to South State Bank, everything mentioned above is true. Amy Buynoski, Vice President, Builder Service Manager, has cultivated a team that makes their clients feel like a family.
Amy ensures that her focus is always on a customer-first approach; she believes in making her clients lives more accessible and convenient. She implicated various factors at the workplace, and South State Bank was voted one of the best places to work. Amy was awarded the “Lender of the Year” by Atlanta Agent Magazine for her dedicated work.
Inception Through a Collective Effort
Since joining in December of 2019, South State Bank is supported by a compassionate staff that cares about its customer experience. The most crucial aspect at South State is that they don’t look at the customer as an application as the company is supportive and cares about its clients’ experience as much as Amy and her team.
Technological Hopes in Unparalleled Times
COVID-19 shook every working sector globally, and it has had a drastic impact on the entire Financial Services industry. However, it allowed South State Bank to provide its clients with a more efficient experience through improved technology. It has thrived in this new environment with our exceptional technology features and personalized customer services to each client.
It was crucial than ever that the client deserved to feel a more personal connection to their financial institution, and South State is proud to provide that in each aspect. COVID hit, and Amy and her team had to adjust their usual way of doing loans, but through the thick of COVID, they were supported and given the best tools to end 2020 on a great note.
South State Bank gave all the tools to its staff that were needed to continue with their work. It found ways to communicate without being in the same office as other staff. Through zoom, teams, and the good old fashion telephone is kept open communication with everyone. It stayed competitive with rates by following the market and keeping up with the daily news.
Positively Cultivating a Work Culture
In today’s world, where it is not easy to maintain a healthy work environment, that is why Amy truly believes a positive work culture is imperative. It sets the tone for the office and its customers. As a team player, Amy tries to help others stay positive even when some days present challenges. Throughout the BuyNowTeam office you will see motivational signs and sayings around the office, and the team communicates openly. This positive culture is then passed on to each client in every interaction to show they are valued and a member of the team.
The best way Amy’s team has implemented BuyNowTeam’s culture is with great mutual respect and admiration for each team member and their role on the team. When clients come to their office, the first thing most people say is how they feel at home. Each team member needs to know they are valued, and they will share that value with those clients, and partners, that they connect with during the workday.
A Competitive Advantage
Innovative technologies are being utilized, and it has changed the landscape of finance industry. South State Bank has moved to an automated system that streamlines the process, allowing it to close loans quicker. That means less frustration on the client’s part, which is exciting.
South State Bank is using these technology tools to make this important process much more efficient for the customer and its internal team. Financing the purchase or refinance of one’s home can be intimidating to any client. However, the company’s technology does a great job of making it a smoother transaction for each borrower.
Uplifting The Community
Apart from working at the bank, Amy also resides in the community and volunteers her time and resources to help strengthen the community outside of South State Bank. She enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s school and coaching her daughters cheer teams. Coaching has been one of the best experiences of her life. It helps Amy to spend quality time with her daughters. She also had an opportunity to be a positive influence on other girls. Sports programs have provided joy to her children.
The internal community in Amy’s office grows as well. She does many down payment assistance programs to help first time home buyers, especially in the city limits of Atlanta. Amy would like a chance to arrange classes for first time home buyers and people thinking of purchasing a home. To go over the dos and don’ts of mortgages and the importance of keeping up with one’s credit score. For any woman looking to enter the Financial Services industry, I would highly recommend that opportunity for long-term personal and professional growth.
Heading Into Future
In the next five years, Amy sees South State growing and becoming well known throughout the South. She is constantly looking for the next direction in improving the Bank’s approach. She is excited about South State’s future.
The Financial Services industry is growing more complex and more competitive with each passing day, and South State is striving to leave their mark for the long-term in this industry. As cutthroat as the business may be, it cannot replace how one treats people and provide clients with service.
Partners will remember the process and how they were treated. Customer service and experience will win every time. People will want to work with people they can trust and care about themselves and their future. Amy is excited to be a part of such a great institution and knows the best is yet to come for South State Bank, her team, and the community.
A Guide to Aspiring Leaders
Throughout her career in the finance industry, Amy’s experience has grown exceptionally in both aspects of her life. She will cherish those rewards and memories long after the next generation of young professional women have entered the workforce. Amy says, “If they have a dream, they can achieve it. It can be somewhat of a challenge to be a successful woman in what is still considered a male-dominated business. You will get knocked down, and people will try to run over you.”
“Dust yourself off, stand up tall, and don’t give up. If someone tells you no, do your own research and don’t take the first few nos. Remember who you are, and don’t let anyone change you. If you feel strongly about something, stick with that feeling and keep pushing forward,” Amy concluded.