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Amitabh Ramani | Global Marketing Director | Jade Global

Amitabh Ramani: Spearheading with Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Having multichannel and connected experiences are not future trends; instead, these have already become the way people communicate. To create highly engaging user experiences for customers understanding behavioral insights is essential to influence a business. It is imperative to learn that customers with positive experiential outcomes are more inclined to stay longer with a brand, tell their friends about it, and advocate loyalty. This pattern led Amitabh Ramani to guide marketing efforts to transform customer experiences, creating a more desirable future and better engagement for companies he has worked with.

As the Global Marketing Director at Jade Global, Amitabh leads Strategic Marketing initiatives, driving change through a mix of innovative technology, story-telling, nuanced with an enriched understanding of B2B consumer behavior. He has raised the bar of the value delivered to clients through automation, handling several state-of-the-art projects from inception to completion, aiming to deliver his best.

The Initial Roots

Amitabh reminisced the exciting early days when he was deeply involved in building marketing roadmaps from scratch with his team, managing to get customers on board. Though it were cherishing moments for the organization, he had to overcome various challenges, making leaders understand that marketing is a core function and not only support. He thrived on explaining to them the importance of branding and how investment in built-in brand equity reduces costs, builds customer loyalty, and drives sales. However, Amitabh had an enthusiastic team working on multiple projects; they understood the more profound theories around building brands and actualizing marketing plans.

Budget allocation of resources was also another challenge that Amitabh had to overcome. He asserts, “I think that’s a challenge that exists with all businesses, new and old. You must prove your value before it will get funded. It’s pretty much a trial-and-error process. However, through proper planning, we were able to overcome this hurdle on time.” He is keen on blurring the siloed boundaries to gain more influence as different parts move closer toward real synergies. It can empower teams to deliver more value to better understand the roles of others. He adds, “It has been my endeavor albeit not without accompanying challenges, to break these siloes and through marketing involve and unite other functions and roles in a company.”

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Amitabh has been working in the tech industry for more than a decade. He has helped companies across multiple sectors, improving the quality of their product and services, enhancing their marketing, branding, sales, and customer service. He has also collaborated for product development and business generation, resulting in continuous success.

As a believer in this new age of data and technology, Amitabh states that the Pandemic pushed organizations to achieve the impossible. As the old saying goes- necessity is the mother of invention– the world witnessed the most significant surge of martech tools in the industry. It accelerated reach to the customers, gave a better understanding of prospects, and defined its ideal customer base.

Amitabh brought his expertise to Jade Global, transforming it from traditional to data-driven. With tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, Zoom Info, SEMRush, and many more, the company can track each activity carried out on its website and social media and keep a close eye on its competition plus get a detailed view of the customer. It constantly evaluates what works most effectively at driving users to their modules.

Leveraging Technology

Amitabh is a technology evangelist who aims to create frameworks and trajectories that allow conceptualizing paths that include innovative technologies right from the onset. He expresses, “I began my journey in the IT ecosystem as a developer. This is my workhorse as every path we take in this in the current marketing technology of today is conceptualized as having certain ingredients that are tied together as concept/technology.”

Jade Global leverages technology to:

  1. Deliver highly personalized customer experiences.
  2. Gain customer insights for better decision-making.
  3. Automation of all our tasks to improve TAT.

It helps the company stay focused on its core marketing objectives and deliver best-in-class experiences.

The Goals Ahead

Amitabh feels fortunate to be part of Jade Global in the long run. He looks forward to reaching the zenith with Jade Global as one of the world’s top consulting companies. He also wants to grow and mentor the next generation of techno marketers.

Bequeathing Excellence

Amitabh advises budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the marketing sector to learn. He says, “Marketing like any other field is evolving daily, and at a faster pace than many, you need to evolve yourself to be a technical marketer now – rather than just a marketer.” He believes that the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.

A marketer’s goal is to create valuable communication with the help of different marketing strategies and engage every consumer target on each stage of the life cycle to meet the objectives set forth. Amitabh notes, “Focus your efforts on the latest trends and get yourself updated with everything new that comes up. You need to drive engagement of your target demographic at each stage of the funnel with relevant messages or offers. The golden rule for marketers is Know Your Consumer.”

Committed to Customer Success

Jade Global is powering investments to help its client succeed. It stands firm on its four core values with a shared commitment to enliven these values daily: Client Focus, Innovation, Integrity, and Communication.

The company is committed to pursuing excellence without losing sight of what is most important – its clients and people. Its collaborative approach with a diverse team of brightest and innovative talent enables it to exceed client expectations. It thrives on challenges and constantly thinks of new ways to offer everything the best possible solution. As a technology leader, Jade Global effectively identifies, hires, and retains industry leaders who drive organization-wide change for businesses in various industries through strategic thinking and invaluable expertise.