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Ami Gal: A True Entrepreneur at Heart

One of the most important steps that a CEO must take in order to manage a company, involves choosing the right people to work with. This includes people who will be involved with the company from the beginning, middle and end such as co-founders, investors and key employees. Once, the CEO has an exceptional team together, getting things done is another important step. That’s what a visionary entrepreneur has believed and worked towards. Ami Gal, Co-founder and CEO of SQream Technologies has had a vision to invent technology that can affect various domains to ultimately improve different aspects of human lives.
Ami has 20 years of technology and executive management experience. He has created several substantial new businesses related to high performance and complex data integration environments. Among these successes was Manov, a company he co-founded, which developed massive data-centric call center and CRM solutions. Magic Software Enterprises acquired Manov’s solution which enabled the company to execute a successful secondary public offering for the company on NASDAQ.
Determined Leader of People
He is a true entrepreneur at heart and has learned many lessons from being a CEO and Co-founder of a high-tech startup company. He always made sure that the DNA and foundation of the company is based on good and trusted people with a joint vision and leadership. He was once in a situation when the company ran out of money and a client cancelled a project at the last minute. But it was the determination and collaboration of his with the team that led them to perform tough but necessary changes and got out of it stronger. The culture and the DNA of the people, according to Gal, is key to success. He always believed that with good people, one can overcome the roller coaster of startup life that includes challenges like funding, competing with the world’s giants, constant resource shortage and achieving impossible goals.
SQream Technologies: Revolutionizing Big Data Analytics
Groundbreaking technology always drove Ami and led to create the market leading next generation analytics database powered by GPUs (Graphical Processing Units). He co-founded SQream Technologies in 2010 that provides organizations with a next generation GPU database delivering solutions required for today’s terabyte-petabyte scale data needs. SQream quickly relieves Big Data and complex Analytics pains, while leveraging existing resources. The software can be used as an analytical database or as an accelerator in an existing data warehouse. With minimum cost, hardware and infrastructure changes required, the company enables entities to easily ingest, store and analyze heavy analytical workloads in near real-time. The breakthrough technology allows the power of a full-rack 42U database machine to be condensed into a standard 2U server, delivering up to 100 times faster big data analytics than any other key market player. The flexibility and scalability capabilities surpass existing database analytics solutions by orders of magnitude. Their offers are currently on-premise, with cloud based and hybrid combination to be launched.
Ami is focused on solving challenges that are related to the massive quantities of New Data that is being produced. Web data, event data, mobile data, log data — these are all examples of this new, massively growing data that traditional technology seems to be underdeveloped for, requiring new generation of databases. Having focused on developing a robust technology that can handle the massive scales and performance hurdles companies are facing with their data, Ami and the team are now shifting to a more sales oriented strategy offering a mature, powerful software to tackle those challenges and release organizations from their technological limitations synchronizing with the digital economy.
The firm has tripled its size in the past three years and they are continuing to grow. The opportunities to bring significant value to different human life aspects are growing exponentially and more and more customers are joining the vision. The main focus is shifting the main activity to the North American market. The team is in the process to select the right partners and people to lead the change.
The Flexible Believer of Hard Work
He thinks one must find a balance between persistence and flexibility. “People will always have a dream that they want to achieve and they must believe in themselves and be persistent in order to make it happen. On the other hand, you also have to be flexible enough to change as you go,” he says.
Ami doesn’t believe in luck alone. He believes that luck presents itself when a person work a lot and work hard. After all, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” he says. If asked Ami Gal to describe himself in one word, the answer he gives is “shaper.” He believes in peoples’ and his own power in shaping reality – present and future.
He aims to create a technology that allows to peak into the future, return to the present with valuable wisdom allowing major shifts and adjustments for an improved world.  He believes that we should always remember where we came from, what lead us up to this point and learn from our history. History is a great informational goldmine one can learn a lot from and a fabulous source for shaping the future.