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AmberLeaf: Boosting Client’s Revenue with Leading-Edge Business Intelligence Solutions

Customers are the epicenter of every business operations. No matter how big or small your client is, everyone has some sort of expectation from their vendors or service providers. When expectations get fulfilled, companies’ coffers also get piled up and when the reverse happens, companies become obsolete.
Those companies who rightly assess the customer’s expectation remain in the race and those who unable to catch customer’s desire lags behind. To keep track of customer’s diverse and changing needs is thus the need of the hour. Chicago-based AmberLeaf is one such trailblazing IT company that offers cutting-edge Customer Experience Solutions to boost organization’s revenue.
The company has proficiencies in transforming customer data into insights to increase customer loyalty, grow revenue, and strengthen your brand. It assists clients to optimize their customer’s interactions coming through sales, customer service, and marketing channels. “To meet customer expectations and personalize these experiences, it is critical to understand the complete view of a customer and explore that information to develop unique insights, preferences, offers, models, products, and services,” states the company.
For companies who want to create a competitive advantage through customer experiences, it is vital to have customer’s information and adept analytical tools to derive meaningful insights for revenue gain. AmberLeaf offers such solutions to its customers. The company helps its clients to create a robust database infrastructure, guide for the data integration processes and then delivers the insight not just through reporting and models, but in real-time to the system or employee who is interacting with the end customer. At the end, what a customer gains is the crucial stats and insights related to value, profitability, next best offer, or next best product in real time that ultimately assist in business decision making.
Distinctiveness of AmberLeaf  
AmberLeaf uses adept predictive modeling, AI, and varied metrics to improve customer interactions. Most organizations, especially large organizations, have figured out how to create reports and dashboards. But the company believes the next level of business intelligence is to insert metrics and models into real-time business scenarios.
Many of its clients receive benefits from advanced analytical services. For instance, one of its prominent clients who manufacture capital equipment for other large scale manufactures earned immense praise and more business due to AmberLeaf’s services. With the assistance of Internet of Things technology (IoT), the company monitors the equipment for safety, product usage, and issues. “This allows us to create personalized messaging for the client, cross-sell opportunities, and pro-active and predictive customer service,” states the company.
AmberLeaf is the pioneer in the field of business intelligence solutions. They constantly receive demonstrations for traditional and new vendors to understand their technology and their benefits. The company makes sure that they have the right partnerships in place to cater to its clients of different sizes, complexity, maturity, and budgets. By identifying the futuremarket leaders in each category (like customer data platforms, master data management, data integration, and personalization), AmberLeaf architects solutions for its clients that match with their business needs.
Moving Ahead with Keeping a Sharp Vision on Future 
One of the biggest traits that define the real strength of any company is its vision to foresee the coming challenges and prepare for it in advance. AmberLeaf saw the writing on the wall many years ago that the explosion of interactive channels (internet, mobile, voice, TV, and more) was going to cause an explosion of information that would need to be cleansed, managed, consolidated, and analyzed. By precisely gauging future events, it developed the solution in advance, and this is the main reason why clients first turned towards AmberLeaf whenever a business intelligence related need occurs.
The Innovative Mind behind AmberLeaf
The man behind the growth of AmberLeaf is its PresidentLarry Goldman. He has been advising clients in customer experience and business intelligence strategies for over 25 years.
When the Internet boom hit in the 90’s, Larry decided to focus on data warehousing instead.  Larry became an internationally known speaker and writer for his work with data integration, large scale data warehousing and the strategic use of analytics. Once the internet revolution was over, Larry converted his analytics practice and business intelligence strategies to the customer facing parts of the business.  He provided sales, customer service, and marketing managers and executives with the metrics they need to evaluate and improve their business has been his key passion for the last 15 years.  As he continues to innovate for clients and his firm, Larry is helping clients with real-time, analytics, AI based decision making for personalization, dynamic content, and offer presentation.
Road Ahead
AmberLeaf’s key strength is to help its client in coordinating, integrating, and leveraging their sales, service, and marketing architecture. Their executives understand that just focusing on one aspect of their customer operations, like customer service, only leaves the sales and marketing functions underserving customers. Therefore, the company induces a holistic approach to customer experience in which data integration and real-time metrics are the key. AmberLeaf is continuing to blend software and professional services into client-focused solutions.  “In near future, our endeavor is to enhance customer’s experience that allows clients to leverage market leading software, high end consulting, and implementation experience under one umbrella,” concluded Larry.
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