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Amazon is investing $100 million to educate cloud users about Artificial Intelligence

The cloud division of Inc. is developing a programme to assist clients in creating and deploying novel artificial intelligence products as the world’s largest provider of cloud services competes with Google and Microsoft in the so-called generative AI space.

The AWS Generative AI Innovation Centre, which will connect clients with corporate expertise in AI and machine learning, will be established by Amazon Web Services with a $100 million investment. They will work with a variety of clients in the manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare industries to create unique applications employing the new technology. According to Amazon, the innovation center’s first customers will be Highspot, Twilio, Ryanair, and Lonely Planet.

The objective is to assist in the sale of more cloud services by persuading customers to use AWS rather than Microsoft Corp.’s Azure, which has gained an early advantage due to its collaboration with ChatGPT maker OpenAI, or Alphabet Inc.’s Google, which invented much of the early technology underlying this new field, when developing new generative AI applications.

AWS Chief Executive Officer Adam Selipsky said Thursday at Bloomberg’s technology conference in San Francisco, “We will bring our internal AWS experts to a whole bunch of AWS customers, focusing on folks with significant AWS presence, and go help them turbocharge their efforts to get real with generative AI, get beyond the talk.”

According to Bloomberg, when Amazon announced its own generative AI capabilities earlier this year, longstanding staff members and consumers thought the announcement was unusually vague. People who are familiar with AWS product launches questioned whether Amazon launched the AI tools to dispel views that it has lagged behind Microsoft and Google. One user of the tools gave the system a “incomplete” grade.

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