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Amazon introduces pay-by-palm tech.

Amazon is currently implementing pay-by-palm technology at a few Whole Foods grocery stores across localities near to its headquarters in Seattle with the aim of making payments quicker and convenient.
The technology named Amazon One lets shoppers scan their palm and link it to a credit card or Amazon account. After the initial setup, shoppers can scan their hand at the cashier to pay for groceries without the need of opening their wallets.
Amazon first launched the technology late last year. It has been utilized in several of its cashier-less stores and Amazon also stated that it has signed up thousands of users.
However, privacy experts have cautioned against the use of biometric data, such as face or palm scans, because of the inherent cybersecurity risks of the data being hacked or leaked. Amazon although said that it keeps the sensitive user data in a secure part of its cloud and not on the Amazon One devices. The company stated that shoppers can also demand for their information to be deleted at any time.