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Amazing Women in Business: Success Stories

Even if there are more men than women in business, this does not indicate that women have fewer opportunities to become leaders. Authors J.K. Rowling and Oprah Winfrey demonstrate that success is not dependent on gender. When contemplating life changes, women may ask how they may be implemented. The intriguing professional choices of renowned women may seem to be unusual outliers. In reality, there are many more businesswomen who have achieved success. These are some incredible success stories of successful women to know about. Their stories may motivate you to make a life shift and launch your own company.

Sharon Mickel

Sharon Mickel owns a bakery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which specializes in cinnamon rolls and bread pudding. Her company now has a large clientele and generates cash for its owner. Observing its success, it is difficult to imagine how things began.

Sharon worked diligently from 9 to 5 and raised four children. Despite spending a significant amount of time at work, she barely made ends meet. Her divorce served as a catalyst for transformation, so she opted to attend culinary school in order to realize her goals.

Sharon’s life was transformed by a 6-week course in Pastry Arts. Teachers referred her to organizations that assisted her in launching her own company. In addition to manufacturing delightful confections, Sharon exerted considerable effort in promotion. Customers’ responses, business cards, and advertisements on television, radio, and in the newspaper all contributed to the bakery’s success and to Sharon’s sense of independence.

Amazing Women in Business: Success Stories

Kat Cole

Cinnabon is a well-known brand and prosperous business. During the years of the recession, the CEO of the parent firm, Kat Cole, took control of the business and helped it prosper; however, on her path to leadership, she encountered several obstacles.

Kat’s father was never perfect despite being a decent guy. She departed with her mother when she was nine years old. Kat had to depend on herself since life was difficult. She began working at the age of 15. Before she became a Hooters girl at age 18, she had three jobs simultaneously. Kat sold clothing, maintained gym equipment, and waited tables at Hooters.

She gained a lot from her time at Hooters, where she was really diligent and worked several shifts. She was capable of doing any task in a restaurant since she assisted the bartender and the kitchen when necessary. Her dedication was recognized, and Kat assisted in international personnel training. She learned how to address various challenges involving decision-making, and this experience made her a leader paving the way for her promotion to an executive at Cinnabon.

Eli Trier

Eli Trier is a British artist who earns a living doing what she loves. Additionally, she is an expert in marketing and promotes artwork for businesses.

She is a creative introvert who found it difficult to get a typical career. After reading Barbara Winter’s book with the motivational title Making a Living Without a Work, Eli decided to leave her job and try something else. She began her career as a copywriter but later recognized that illustration should be her primary occupation.

Her success was largely attributable to her networking efforts. She attended every event where her company might be promoted. Every month, she sought to meet new individuals. In three months, Eli began to earn enough to support herself due to the success of her word-of-mouth advertising. Now, her company continues to expand. Certainly, this does not imply that rapid success is a necessary component. With the assistance of services such as Personal Money Service, any woman has the opportunity to launch a business even if she lacks starting funds.

Jean Brownhill

Jean Brownhill Lauer is the creator of Sweeten, a Brooklyn-based start-up that connects homeowners with remodeling specialists. Jean’s enthusiasm for interior design inspired her to launch a firm in 2011. Although the business today generates millions, she was not born wealthy.

Jean was born and raised in New London, Connecticut. Where she lived with her mother in a neighborhood, there were genuine crack houses there. Jean lacked funds for college, but her good grades and interest in design led her to the Cooper Union, which provided free tuition. She worked in the sector after college to obtain experience and improve her talents. Jean also used her hard-earned bonus money to renovate a tiny Brooklyn home in need of repair. This endeavor taught her a great deal since she made every effort to locate excellent contractors.

The Loeb Fellowship significantly altered Jean’s life. This provided her with all the resources Harvard could give. She utilized all of this to implement her refurbishment plans and concentrate on her company. During the first year of operation, the firm had just a few projects. Later, New York Magazine spotted Sweeten, which proved to be a turning point in the company’s growth.

Amazing Women in Business: Success Stories

Elle Kaplan

Elle Kaplan operates a company that offers money-management services. The business generates millions of dollars and aids hundreds of families. It is hard to imagine that this firm was founded by a young woman who arrived in New York with just $200 in her pocket.

After Elle’s father slipped into a coma, she and her mother faced several financial challenges. Then, Elle began to study all she could about financial management and investment. After graduating, she moved to New York but was unable to find employment owing to her lack of experience. She had to sleep on the floor of a friend of her mother’s and continued her job search.