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Aluisio Figueiredo: Paying Attention to All the Details

Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of Intelligent Security Systems, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ISS as well as overseeing the strategic development and execution of the company’s corporate and product plans. Aluisio has been integral to the worldwide expansion of ISS, having managed staff development and product rollouts in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has a well-proven ability to motivate staff, and at the same time combines a gift for entrepreneurial flair with a brass-tacks ability to manage the bottom line.
Aluisio remains very active in all the operations of the company. He is very enthusiastic to learn about the functioning of each of his departments. From sitting in on meeting about marketing collateral redesigns to going on face to face sales meetings to address resellers and distributors all the way to defining tech specs – he performs everything passionately. It helps him learn about the different gears that run ISS, and is in the know about issues his team faces on a day to day basis – he looks for ways to remove those barriers.
Result of Envisioning the Digital Revolution
Originally from Brazil, Aluisio earned his MBA from Rutgers University and his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Sao Paulo. Aluisio’s first job was within the Security Industry – an access control company. During that time, he envisioned the digital revolution around the corner; with that realization, Aluisio co-founded Intelligent Security Systems. BIG DATA is where he began to define his mission, and Turning Video into Intelligence is the result.
Intelligent Security Systems: Turning Video into Intelligence
Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, is a leading developer of security surveillance and control systems for networked digital video and audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. ISS systems can be integrated with access control systems, fire, and life safety, and can be made compatible with virtually any third-party security equipment.
As an industry leader in video management and image analytic software, the company offers their expertise with advanced algorithms is unmatched, providing a level of intelligence that was previously only available for government and military applications. The company continuously develops functional capabilities of production, acquiring an advantage in the global market of video surveillance and security.
Evolving with the Evolving Time
Aluisio knows that he needs to keep transforming with the changing world. Whether they are smaller communities or global ones; Security is a big part of their infrastructure. Hence, this industry must stay 100 steps ahead at all times, and the ISS team delivers.
Today, ISS has its fingerprints in several different verticals spanning the globe. There’s no sign of stopping. For Law Enforcement and Safe Cities look at Bergen County, NJ, USA, Pernambuco, Brazil or Guatemala City who are markedly safer thanks to the innovative analytics: License Plate Recognition & Facial Recognition. The Transportation industry has also benefited from working with ISS, ask the commuters of the São Paulo Metro system or the residents of Mexico who are safer traveling on their highways and byways. For Critical Infrastructure, the world over was glued to TV screens for the Rio Olympics this past summer; the event went off without concern thanks to their SecurOS™ Video Management and Analytics.  ISS solutions also assist with personnel safety within the Industrial sector by providing Hard Helmet Detection and automated throughput systems in many Power Plants and production lines across the globe.
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
When ISS first began – Aluisio wasn’t paying attention to the right details. He would meet critical and strategic customers, but he couldn’t further it. Aluisio shares, “At that time, I tried to push a product. Today, I drive the needs of the customers – specific requirements are tested. Retested. And tested again for good measure. TODAY, we focus on delivering tailor made solutions, and I pay attention to ALL the details.”
Aluisio thinks most companies and people look for the easy way out, but not everything is ‘plug & play’ capable. In the Security Industry, innovating according to a customer’s needs is mandatory and the most important skill to survive in the current state of the market.
Under the direction of Aluisio, the ISS Team believes in tailoring their solutions to fit the actual needs of their customers. There is a purpose behind every innovation pushed to market. “We Listen. We Develop. We Test (and test again). We do this until we get it RIGHT. Like I tell my team – we may not always have the answer at first, but we will keep working until we do,” asserts Aluisio.
Employing the Best Professionals
Aluisio believes that failure is not acceptable in this fast-moving market. Aluisio dedicates relentless efforts to achieve excellence. And to successfully achieve excellence on the organizational level, he has made it a mission to surround and employ ISS with only the best of the best. Taking pride in his team made of experts, he comments, “If you think hiring an expert is expensive; try hiring an amateur.”
With Aluisio at the helm, ISS boasts over 25,000 installations in 51 countries and over 400 global partners. ISS solutions have been proven time and time again in mission-critical installations worldwide.
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