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AllianceTek: Transforming Mobile Applications from Good to Great

Mobile apps have brought about remarkable growth in business operations & customer services in small and large organizations alike. They are playing an increasingly vital role in business, with a massive workforce and customer-base that relies on the convenience of instant access to information and solutions. AllianceTek is a software development company that helps businesses scale their operations with a world-class mobile, web & software development team. AllianceTek’s services make business processes more efficient, collaborative & manageable.
AllianceTek provides end-to-end software development services, and has extensive experience in building Mobile Application, Cloud & Web solutions. Their core expertise lies in building solutions that reduce complexity and increase efficiency based on leading technologies and platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, iOS, Android, and more.
Sunil Jagani, president and CTO of AllianceTek, is driven to fuel business prosperity by helping organizations define the systems & processes that reinforce efficiency and success. During his time in the IT industry, Jagani encountered many corporate stumbling blocks and discovered that companies struggle to fill the gaps in their development teams’ skill sets. With that in mind, he formed the ideal team with AllianceTek to overcome these hindrances and help businesses reach new levels of success.
Merging cutting-edge technologies with an expert team
Jagani’s vision is to help turn the ideas that businesses have into an innovative reality, and assist companies in scaling their operations by leveraging emerging technologies with a world-class Mobile Application Development team. He approaches every challenge in his entrepreneurial role with passion & enthusiasm.
Jagani sees AllianceTek as a true technology partner – they don’t just follow clients’ instructions, they believe in listening to their objectives & strategizing the best way to achieve them. Their global technology team has a broad range of skills and invests time in providing innovative mobile app solutions. By emphasizing teamwork & agility, they are always prepared to reformulate projects in accordance with changing needs. AllianceTek’s hybrid development model ensures that solutions are cost-efficient and that each project receives proper attention, from development through testing and deployment.
Technology’s constant evolution makes working in the IT industry particularly complex & challenging, but also very rewarding. To overcome the ever-changing landscape, AllianceTek continually works to expand their knowledge, stay abreast of emerging technologies, & incorporating their experience to improve internal processes.
AllianceTek’s Roadmap
AllianceTek’s goal is to expand the extent of their services with emerging technologies such as Big Data & Unified Communications, and enterprise ERP services such as Oracle & SAP. They will continue leveraging services with innovative Cloud platforms, such as ServiceNow, WorkDay and NetSuite. AllianceTek promises to provide its clients with true one-stop, end-to-end solutions based on the right platforms & tailored services with their experienced team.
Headquartered in Malvern, Pa., with offices in New York, California, Texas & India, AllianceTek employs more than 100 talented & dedicated engineers with leading technology skills.