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Allgress: Protecting Enterprises through Compliance and Business Risk Management

S ince the inception of the company in 2008, Allgress, Inc. has been a leading global technology company that provides integrated business risk management solutions to manage compliance, IT security and third-party vendor risk effectively. Allgress helps enterprise security, compliance and risk management professionals to automate the process of assessing, understanding and managing corporate risk in a single comprehensive platform.
The Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS) provides the ability for organizations to manage their business risk posture to align with top business priorities for effective investment decisions and use of resources. The suite allows operational efficiency in complying with regulations, policies, partner requirements in less time and with reduced complexity then manual methods or other solutions. Allgress empowers stakeholders to analyze and address business risks with the least amount of complexity, time and cost.
Empowered with Unified Compliance and Risk Management
The IRMS is an integrated modular risk management platform that is comprised of services that automate the data collection, assessment, workflow, reporting, exception and incident management process. It also correlates relevant data across regulations, assets, policies, controls, processes and business elements of their organization and partners to clearly identify potential business risk. The modular architecture of IRMS allows its customers to deploy functionality in order to meet their specific use-cases when they need it and expand the solution easily over time without any retraining.
Allgress’ patented visualization and reporting engine provides an immediate, intuitive & easily understood view of organization’s business risk, information security and third-party risk posture by every stakeholder and executive management. This enables stakeholders to visually see their risk posture from a business perspective for immediate prioritization and remediation.
Helping Prospects Buy IT Management Solutions
Jeff Kushner leads marketing at Allgress as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and has been with the company since July 2012. As CMO, he is responsible for the global marketing strategy, branding, positioning and market communications. Jeff brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in technology marketing and business development. Before Allgress, Jeff has held positions that increased revenue and market penetration with market leaders including BindView (now Symantec), BMC Software, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and consulting to many organizations. His efforts have been instrumental in advancing the development and adoption of application, compliance and risk management.
The Overwhelming Task of Identifying Compliance and Risk Management Solutions
Today, many companies are facing the challenges associated with the uncoordinated siloed approach of risk management. A abundance of IT management solutions claim to manage risk and compliance but only address a fraction of what a comprehensive integrated risk management solution should provide. Then there is the tedious task of figuring out which components you must purchase and the resources and time to implement a solution.
To overcome this, Allgress delivers a focused innovative modular integrated risk management solution that grows with your business to provide quicker time-to-value while simplifying the complexity and cost that is usually associated with business risk management. They offer a platform focused on managing risk for compliance, risk and security professionals to identify and prioritize business risk. The organizations along with its business partners can continually assess and validate the effectiveness of their risk & compliance program for continuous improvement.
Achieving Risk and Compliance Management in the Cloud
Allgress was the first solution provider to introduce a continuous monitoring solution to comply with regulations in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud using their API and solutions in AWS Marketplace with a offering called RPM, (Regulatory Product Mapping). RPM is designed for customers with AWS environments who want to reduce the complexity, increase the speed, and shorten the timeframe of achieving compliance with minimal human involvement.
RPM for AWS helps security and risk professionals assess, understand, and manage corporate risk by analyzing controls against the requirements of common security and compliance frameworks. Allgress RPM allows customers to map their regulatory frameworks including but not limited to ISO, NIST, HIPPA, CJIS, FISMA and PCI-DSS.
Allgress recently introduced ComplianceVision that builds on RPM leveraging the Allgress mature IRMS Suite, which extends mapping controls to frameworks to comprehensive automated assessment for compliance and risk oversight. The solution can be further expanded with the IRMS suite to address more encompassing functions like comprehensive policy, incident, exception, third-party vendor management risk analysis and advanced reporting.
Future Expansion
Allgress is always expanding innovation by interacting with customers and participating with industry organizations and business partners to understanding their continuing challenges to manage business risk. That input contributed to many recent updates extending already encompassing functionality including a portal for every user to customize their experience to achieve specific risk and compliance management goals. Other new functionality consists of an enhanced user interface and streamlined workflow, risk exception management, smart surveys for vendor management, updated and new standards content and more out-of-the-box visual reporting.
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