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Allgress Inc.: Innovation of Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

Today organizations are staying ahead with innovative solutions to proactively manage and enhance the reliability of the business. By executing its unique solutions and activities which help them to take advantage of opportunities to grow in the competitive business world organizations are finding new ways to tackle risks. Analysis of risk and solving them also play a crucial role in the transformation process.
Allgress Inc. is a global provider of next-generation integrated risk management IT Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for organizations to manage their risk posture. Its unified solutions automate processes for assessment, reporting, monitoring, and remediation of business risks with less complexity and also reduced management costs. Unlike other solutions, Allgress’ award-winning technology allows customers to derive quicker-time- to-value without an army of consultants.
Allgress Addresses the Continuum of these challenges with an Intergrated ERM Solutions Suite: 

  • Changes in technology, business evolution, new and updated regulations plus hard requirements demanded from third-party vendors will continue to evolve at a fast pace.
  • Organizations will continue to be challenged using spreadsheets and manual methods of risk management which will continue to raise financial loses.
  • Automated platforms will continue to evolve to overcome the losses and challenges of disconnected risk management.
  • Lack of agility to identify, communicate and respond timely to changing risks and regulations.
  • Complicated methods to integrate solutions together so customers can utilize their existing investments.

Pioneers in Risk Management Expertise 
Jeff Bennett, President, COO, and Co-Founder and Gordon Shevlin, CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Bennett leads Allgress’ Business Operations, Product Direction, and Development. Jeff brings more than two decades of Business Leadership, Product Development, IT Security and Compliance industry experience to the company. As an entrepreneur, he has founded and led several companies, including digital defense services firms SiegeWorks and SiegeWorks International. He also frequently speaks at industry events to emphasis business risk management solutions.
Jeff has also served on the advisory boards of other leading security providers. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University at Hayward.
Jeff and Gordon have a relentless drive to create a win-win partnership with customers and company partners along with the input of their internal teams to achieve innovative product and solution expansion. The rapid pace of change in business, technology, and computing requires creative thinking to reduce business risk. True to their passion, their efforts of keeping pace with the rapid change have leveraged the Allgress platform to identify business risk with less complexity and cost.
Wide Array of Cutting-Edge Solutions 
Allgress provides an intuitive modular integrated risk management platform comprised of shared services that focus on helping customers and their partners to reduce business risk quicker with less complexity and cost. Its Risk Management platform includes data collectors, assessment, workflow, reporting, and incident management to correlates relevant data across regulations, assets, policies, controls, processes and business elements of their organization and partners to clearly identify potential business from a single dashboard.
“We help our customers buy solutions by understanding their specific use-cases solving risk and compliance management challenges faced by their organization. Then we engage with them to develop proof of concepts based on their input before considering delivering them to the market. We then introduce new solutions and technology that can be built upon over time to enhance our ability to reduce business risk.” says Jeff Bennett.
Providing All-inclusive Platform 
The current non-automated approach to risk, compliance and third-party vendor management has led to increased complexity and lack of accountability. Usage of disparate spreadsheets, document, email and separate solutions has led to disjointed solutions. This method of risk management continues to put organizations at a greater business risk because of the inability to assess, communicate and mitigate risks.
This common scenario leads to the lack of common platform services to enable automation and standardization of managing the entire risk management lifecycle. That’s where a common infrastructure enables the efficient and cohesive management of risks by consolidating the information from multiple sources to provide an intelligent enterprise view aligned with business objectives.
Allgress provides a complete integrated Risk Management Solutions Suite that provides a common infrastructure that automates the entire risk, compliance and IT security, third-party vendor process without the complexity seen in other offerings.
Benefits of the Allgress Innovative Approach 

  • Flexible delivery options for rapid deployment
  • Leverages data feeds from existing investments in other business and technical solutions · Visual representation of risk posture, compliance status and state of third-party vendors that is easily interpreted by different stakeholders
  • Quick time to actionable results
  • Intuitive GUI for the administer and user
  • Simple License Model

Offering Unified ERM Solutions 
Allgress is continuing to evolve its platform to accommodate the changing environment by providing features and functions to enable better decision making to improve the risk management process and organizations risk posture.
Endeavoring Future Goals 
Allgress is continuously advancing its risk management platform to automate more tasks and making it easier to manage business risk with a focus on usability. The firm has also enhanced its functionality according to the need of its customers to supports new features of computing models and technology. Allgress’s risk management platform has the ability to continuously consume more IT data sources and business metric data along with the goal of incorporating artificial and business intelligence. It also is an exemplary management platform that will contribute to better risk management decision-making by taking advantage of advancements in technology.
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