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Allgress: An Elite Risk and Compliance Management Solution Provider

As the term exclaims, Risk and Compliance Management is the coordinated integration of all governance, risk management, and compliance activities within an organization. Governance refers to the coordinated processes and strategies established by the management to meet their risk management objectives. Risk management is the management of uncertainties within the risk appetite of the company, and compliance refers to the company complying with policies,, laws, regulations and partner requirements. The integrated components should complement each other and also have a positive impact on the efficiency of the organization’s people, process, and technology. However, many of the risk and compliance activities are complex which extends the time to indemnify risks to the business. The Allgress Insight Risk Management suite provides a platform that reduces the complexity by automating the risk management process by integrating workflow, visual reporting and mitigation from a single console. Their solution overcomes redundancy, poor visibility, non-consistent processes and lack of accountability by providing ease-of-use that is comprehensive in identifying and reducing business risk in less time.
Allgress is an example of an innovative technology leader, specializing in Integrated IT Risk, Compliance and Security solutions. Since its inception in 2008, Allgress has empowered many organizations with an innovative risk, compliance and 3rd party management solutions which allow organizations to meet requirements, regulations, best practices and obligations, and drive them towards success.
Automating Risk Management with Desired Business Outcomes 
Allgress has exclusively focused on providing integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance management solutions, to a wide variety of global organizations across multiple vertical markets.
The solutions of the company enable organizations and their partners to automate their entire risk management lifecycle by bringing ease-of-use, automated assessment, advanced visualization, remediation, and the integration of existing data feeds in an integrated solution. This facilitation permits customers to derive value in less time with reduced complexity eliminating the need for an army of consultants.
The vision of the company is to address its customer’s challenges by adapting to continuing changes of technology like cloud computing, processes and people by delivering solutions that are easier to use, modular and quicker to implement. These objectives allow the Allgress platform to provide quick-time-to-value to its clients and prove its value through its foremost advancements. Such adaptive transformations allow clients the desired functionality in solutions that help customers reduce their risk which intern results in less potential impact to the bottom line.
Powerful Combinations Streamlining the Risk Management Process 
The company has recently announced a visionary and powerful solution called ’ComplianceVision’ (CV). CV is a comprehensive compliance solution for rapid automated compliance mapping, assessment, reporting and remediation that reduces business risk with less complexity, consulting and cost in a fraction of the time compared to manual processes. This efficient risk and compliance management solution identifies the controls that need to be mapped to meet regulations, best practices and third-party requirements then populates those controls with machine intelligence for the relevant controlled data from existing third-party solutions. It identifies risks in less time with more accuracy and consistency, and substantially reduces the man hours to complete an assessment.
Driving the Advancements Relentlessly with Passionate Leadership 
Allgress is successfully driven towards their desired destinations of efficiently automating more of the taxing risk management processes. The prime proponents behind Allgress’ advancements are Gordon Shevlin, CEO/Co- Founder and Jeff Bennett, COO/Co-Founder.
Gordon Shevlin has a career spanning experience of twenty-five years and has successfully co-founded many organizations over the years. Prior to Allgress, Gordon cofounded SiegeWorks a digital defense services firm. He grew the company, built a strong international presence, and managed its successful acquisition by FishNet Security (now Optiv), the nation’s leading reseller of information security solutions.
Jeff Bennett brings more than two decades of business leadership, product development, and IT security and compliance industry experience to the company. A serial entrepreneur, Jeff has led several companies including Cofounding digital defense services firm SiegeWorks. Following the acquisition of SiegeWorks, Bennett served as executive vice president of services at FishNet (now Optiv). He has also served on the advisory boards of other leading security providers.
Gordon and Jeff, both have a relentless drive to help customers reduce the complexity of identifying and mitigating IT risk in less time with reduced complexity. They continuously interact with customers and partners to discuss risk management challenges and innovative ways of expanding the Allgress solutions. True to their passion, their efforts of keeping pace with the rapid change have leveraged the platform to its highest level.
Expansion of Features and Value Added Services with Innovation 
Allgress continues to innovate by interacting with its customers and partners to expand its ease-of-use, reduce time-to-value and automating associated tasks, thereby reducing business risks accordingly. Its product ComplianceVision is a prime example of such innovation, the company aims to advance in innovation and make it more efficient. It plans to further streamline the entire IT risk and compliance process and make it easier for customers to deploy multiple solutions from different providers with integrated integration and packaging.
In addition to this, another differentiating factor has been its ease of use. The ability to craft just the right integrated IT Risk, Compliance, and Security management platform to meet an organization’s specific risk management challenges provides the flexibility to build out an end-to-end solution if required or a minimal deployment deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

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