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All You Need to Know About Hand-Tied Extension    

There are many techniques for false hair methods, including tape-in, fusion, and micro-link extensions. One of these popular methods is hand-tied extensions. It attaches to the natural hair using a system of tiny and delicate knots. These hand tied extensions result in a completely natural look that is customizable in terms of length, color, and style.

If you’re considering getting it, you’ve probably got many questions. What is the average lifespan of these products? How much do they cost? What is its maintenance like? Here is the answer to all the questions about hand-tied methods to make an informed decision about whether or not they’re suitable for you.

What is a Hand-Tied Extension?

It is a type of wig applied using a technique similar to the traditional sew-in technique. The main difference is that hand-tied methods are applied using a thinner, more delicate thread and are usually applied to smaller sections of hair. This technique is applied by hand with a small, clear silicone-lined microbead. The hair is looped through the bead and pulled tight, creating a secure bond. It results in a more natural-looking and comfortable technique without affecting that natural growth process.

How Long Do They Last?

Hand tied extensions are famous for those looking for a longer, fuller head of hair. But how long do they last? It can last from three to six months with proper care. However, you can do a few things to extend the life of your extensions and make them last even longer.

Here are a few tips to increase durability.

  • Be gentle. Avoid using harsh chemicals or heat-styling tools.
  • Brush regularly with a soft brush.
  • Wash carefully using a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Avoid sleeping with your hair wet.

How Much Do They Cost?

The popularity of hand-tied extensions is increasing. They are applied to small sections of your natural hair and are time-consuming. These are on the higher end in terms of pricing, but they are worth the investment for a long-term solution.

The price differs based on the length and quality, hair type, and the salon you visit. But on average, you will have to pay between $300 and $1000 for a full head treatment.

Are They Worth It?

These extensions are applied strand by strand. Unlike other methods, this technique doesn’t use machines or adhesives, which makes it a healthier option for you. This can be more expensive than other techniques but are definitely worth the investment because:

  • They are less likely to damage your natural hair.
  • They can be comfortable to wear compared to other ones.
  • They can give you a more natural look.

If you’re considering this, it’s important to do proper research and find a reputable stylist with experience with this method. Extensions are a big commitment, so you want to ensure you get the best possible results.


While many methods are available, hand-tied techniques are an excellent option for those looking for a natural look. This method uses real human hair tied by hand to small sections of your hair. It results in a look that is natural and believable. If you are interested in buying one, consult a professional to ensure it is done correctly.