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Alicia Asin: A True Reflection of Leadership

If we Google the word leadership, exactly 297,000,000 results pop up right at our screens. If we were to find a book on leadership in Amazon, we would have over 220,000 titles to choose from. Ask prominent leaders about leadership, and the answers would keep on shifting; multiple layer of opinions evolving through experience and struggles.
From helping others to succeed to having the capability to inspire, a true leader boasts the distinctive ability to motivate, captivate and encourage others to take action. Direct and candid in her communication, she makes decisions which matters and is willing to stretch her hand out to support others in need. She is a leader with purpose, an individual with an inherent passion to succeed and a figure with positive influence. Meet Alicia Asin, a true reflection of the above statements, who has shouldered her company, Libelium, to heights through her unparalleled efforts and dedication.
Libelium over the Years 
Libelium began as a business project with Alicia Asín and her partner and Co-founder, David Gascón. The computer engineering duo decided to bet for the undertaking of developing products based on wireless sensor networks. Fast forward eleven years, Libelium today stands as a leading wireless sensor network platform provider that delivers, open-source, low-power consumption devices. During these eleven years of operation, the company has faced several critical moments. Recalling these key instances, Alicia mentions “…some moments have been very positive, such as the achievement of awards and recognitions that projected the image and notoriety of Libelium in the media, while the displeasing memories include the unfortunate fire suffered in 2014, serving as a revulsion to revive our company from its ashes and aspire for greater success.”
 Presently, the company’s strategy involves moving – within the IoT value chain – from hardware appliances to cloud services. Libelium’s expertise lies in the sensors’ layer, but it has managed to develop an interoperable platform, that has reached compatibility agreements with more than 60 partners such as IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Telit, Telefonica, Arrow, Amazon AWS, Ericsson, etc. The company firmly stands at a position to offer its customers with final solutions that combine its hardware with the cloud services of its partners.
“This is how we developed The IoT Marketplace, which we hope will become the Amazon of the IoT,” mentions Alicia. The IoT Marketplace is an ecommerce in which it sells ready to install kits, which includes everything one need (hardware, software and cloud connectivity) for different sectors: smart cities, smart buildings, agriculture, water management, smart factories, e-Health, and smartphone detection.
Building Solutions for a Better Future 
Libelium designs and manufactures technological solutions to build wireless sensor networks, now known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The company builds solutions for a better future, especially in three crucial areas: Health, Quality of Life in Urban Areas and Competitiveness of Businesses. 
In the health monitoring space, Libelium has its MySignals platform that allows it to measure, through a set of sensors, the most important vital signs of the human body. In the urban sphere, the company’s technology makes it possible to measure and therefore combat pollution, both air and noise; thereby drastically improving the quality of life.
When it comes to improving productivity, Libelium is working across different sectors such as industry, logistics and precision agriculture. The company’s sensors can improve the quality of crop life, save production costs and avoid crop losses and improve the quality of farmer’s life, favoring the settlement of population in rural areas.
Overcoming the Initial Barriers and Standing out as a Leader 
The path of an entrepreneur is filled with obstacles and difficult decisions, and Alicia’s path was no different. Obtaining financing is one of the biggest barriers initially for start-ups, but Libelium was prepared in advance with its revenue generating thought through various online sales channels. Alongside this, Alicia and David had to initially give more efforts to stand out seriously because of a pre-conceived notion surrounding youths and their lack of maturity. Speaking about leadership, Alicia mentions “We are living a digital era that requires special skills to adapt to the circumstances. That’s why a leader has to be resilient: be clear about the path and objectives you want to achieve with your company. At the same time, however, the leader must be able to recognize the mistakes made in order to get things right as soon as possible by implementing the necessary measures, which will always require flexibility. I also consider that it very important to communicate: hearing, talking and empathizing with the team. We need to know how to transmit enthusiasm so that the employees can undertake projects with determination and get everyone involved in the company’s culture to the fullest extent possible.” Alicia not only believes in these characteristics and traits, but she resolutely strives to follow the same being a recognized leader in the industry.
Success Stories are built on Hard Work and Excellence 
It’s easy to tell someone to pursue their dreams, without warning them about the complications ahead. It’s good to have aspirations and a project to work for, but at the same time it’s also increasingly realistic and aware of the obstacles bound to come down your path every single day.
“Whether you start your own company or aspire to become an employee; we live in a society that craves easy success: creating a start-up, selling it fast and making a lot of money. But solid success stories are built on hard work and excellence,” Alicia concludes.
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