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Algomus: Bridging the Gap between Humans and Machines

In the Spike Jonze directed movie – Her, the protagonist had a relationship with an AI enabled program, which boasted the capability of conversing like a human and performed mundane and complex tasks with ease. The average knowledge surrounding Artificial Intelligence revolves around a rumored headline of it surpassing human brain with the help of a computer generated program, causing a cloud of catastrophe over the idea. But the reality is much more complex than the above stated rumor. Organizations from varied sectors realize the potential of AI and Machine Learning and are racing against each other to build the most efficient AI enabled program, capable of reducing human efforts by solving the maximum tasks possible. Built on the concept of people and machines working together, Algomus is one company that stands out to create an environment where humans and machines can work and learn from one another to make specific tasks easier.
Product, Service and Customers – The Pillars of Uniqueness
The Product – The company’s Taskbot, Algo is unique for applying a Natural Language interface to a full-stack Business Intelligence and Enterprise AI platform. It combines data analytics, visualization, robotic process automation, and personalized insights and reporting, thereby giving its clients an easy to use hub to collaborate with data and get their questions answered. Additionally, Machine learning enables Algo to learn from its users, and get more useful and personalized over time.
Service Model – Algo is a full-stack AI as a Service platform which ensures very little effort from the IT department and other client teams to get up and running for usage. This leads to quick return on investment.
Customer Success – Algomus’ single most important focus is upon its customers’ success. It believes in doing anything and everything to ensure its customer partners get exceptional ROI from all its solutions. It prides itself on creating long lasting relationships with every single customer it has partnered with thusfar.
The CEO who steered his Company to Success
With a vision of people and machines working together, Algo was Co-founded and ably led by Amjad Hussain – the CEO of the company. During the initial period, the company faced considerable challenge in finding the right personnel and turning its vision into a reality. Amjad dedicated his time and efforts to build a passionate team of artificial intelligence scientists, software engineers, and industry domain experts. Amjad brought a small team of well-educated, dedicated, and talented people, possessing complementary skills, together to use diverse AI methods and architectures running on Big Data, to solve meaningful and complex problems for companies.
An entrepreneur by heart, Amjad is the CEO during day and an avid AI algorithm designer at night. With a resolute focus on Artificial Intelligence, Amjad earned his Masters’ in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UMIST, in the UK and followed it up with an MBA from MIT. Recognized amongst the Crains’s ‘40 under 40’ Executive Award for his pioneering contributions in advanced analytics, Amjad boasts an Advanced Management Program from Havard and Stanford.
Helping People Make Smarter Decisions in an Uncertain Environment
Amjad believes, “AI is going to be overhyped in the short run and under-hyped in the long run.” Taking this into consideration, Algomus will focus on a narrow AI field, applying diverse AI & ML methods on business data for analytics and workflow automation. It envisions a future where it continues to build Enterprise AI applications to help people make smarter decisions in an uncertain environment.
AI enabled Virtual Assistant – Algo
Algo is a bot that wrangles Big Data to help people get answers to their data related queries in a quick and easy manner. It can deploy Machine Learning models to learn to take over tedious tasks, thereby giving more time to be strategic and creative. Algo makes collaboration easy through its insight sharing, storyboarding, and reporting features. Implemented as a full-stack service, Algo is trained to continually learn from data with more and more human interactions.
Delivering Exponential Business Outcomes
Algomus grows the collaborative intelligence of enterprises, with people and AI agents working hand in hand to deliver exponential business outcomes. Its in-house product, Algo, is the world’s first AI enabled conversational Business Analyst and an integrated workflow environment of its kind. It mines Big Data and develops an internal representation and higher-level understanding to help businesses get answers to their questions in a quick, easy, and accurate manner. Algo continuously learns to perform tedious analytic tasks to give business analysts more time to be strategic and creative. As Amjad rightly points out, “Algo is always on.”

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