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Alex Radetich | Chief Business Development Officer | Alertgy

Alex Radetich:  A Leading Name in Healthcare Innovation

There is no doubt that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge. In the world of business, leadership is now not just limited to conference rooms. Today, business leaders with vision and determination are more visible and reachable than ever before.
Insights Success in its upcoming edition The 10 Most Influential Business Leader of 2020, is bringing stories of such leaders, and Alex Radetich the Chief Business Development Officer of Alertgy is one of them. Alex is known for his persistence and drive to achieve goals and consistency in delivering high impact results for his customers and colleagues.
Being the Chief Business Development Officer and an early investor, Alex is in charge of company’s strategic development efforts, including managing industry partner relationships across a variety of medical device manufactures, clinical facilities, healthcare organizations and investment sources and also serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Prior to Alertgy, he successfully founded, developed, and exited several companies in the data marketing space.

“Improving Diabetic HEALTH Through INNOVATION”

An Improvement with Advancement
Unlike existing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) companies that use chemical reactions to measure glucose, Alertgy is patenting dielectric spectroscopy as a way to measure blood glucose levels up to 3 times a minute, without needles, patches, discomfort, and constant fear.  The final product will be in the form of a wristband, wearable device the size of a women’s iWatch.
Current CGMs use patch sensors that are attached to/and puncture the skin to measure glucose just under the skin. Because of the skin barrier and the time of glucose molecule travel to the readings are delayed, and leading to what is called “interstitial lag.” Conversely, Alertgy’s radio frequency wave tech measures glucose in the actual blood, real time.
Thriving with Young Talents
Alertgy is an SMB, integrated across multiple locations and 100% entrepreneurial in everything it does from technology innovation, business development, and critical thinking.   The company is attracting world-class engineering talent whose ability to think of out the box has allowed it to grow significantly over the last 3 years and break new barriers.
Additionally, the advisory and directors board is made up of industry leaders with expertise in engineering, technology, materials, military, healthcare, business, law, ethics, and medicine.
Alertgy believes in ’paying it forward’ and investing its resources in young local talent and supporting local businesses, such as its clinical partners on the Space Coast. During these challenging times it is working with NIH and other healthcare organizations on pivoting its technology to provide breakthrough solutions for maskcontained Covid 19 sensors.
Future Aspirations
Alex asserts “Our mission is to improve diabetes management for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.” He further added that while Type 1 diabetes is life threatening, the real danger lies with Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics, who often fail to heed the signs. These groups represent 95% of the diabetic population worldwide, growing by millions each month.   By allowing them to monitor their glucose levels easily and painlessly, Alertgy hopes to improve their quality of life.
In addition, the company is funding a grant with Florida Atlantic University to research and develop Covid 19 monitoring and tracking technology, using common masks.  Just like with diabetes, our goal is to provide an easily manageable solution for Covid 19 tracing and contact management.
What Clients Say
“As a data provider, Alex and his company have played a crucial role in the List Brokerage group at Merkle for several years. Alex has always been hands-on with any business we do with Take 5 and has never been anything but professional, responsive, and extremely easy to work with. He is one of the top vendors we turn to with complicated data requests. With his knowledge of data and the industry, he always has a creative solution for us”Kacey Moore
“Alex is a superior partner and a great direct marketer. In working with him and his company, we received superior customer service — in essence, he made us look like heroes to our clients. In addition, Alex has the ability to think outside-of-the-box. When faced with some of our most challenging customer needs, he would always take the time to brainstorm with us to ensure that we were able to provide the best solutions to our valued clients. Sometimes this meant proposing other solutions along with his own. He makes it his business to be an expert in all areas of direct marketing so that he can assist his clients with full solutions. Alex is a great business partner and I highly recommend him — you’ll be delighted with the level of creativity and integrity that you’ll experience when working with him”Nancy Arter, Senior Vice President at Escalent