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Aleetza Senn: The Creative and Energetic Entrepreneur Making Digital Data Simplified, Accessible and Actionable to Businesses

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of GE.
It is a well-known fact that behind every successful enterprise lies a creative mind filled with self-discipline, a sense of integrity, persistence, a clear idea about the direction and the ability to take action-oriented wise decision. One such successful entrepreneur who is marked with/known for/built up of creativity, discipline, positive energy and an attitude that compels to take risks to make something bigger, is Aleetza Senn, Co-Founder and CEO of Sparkline, Inc.
Motivated by others, family and her team, Aleetza takes the necessary steps to overcome all the challenges that come in her way of progress and builds a path towards tomorrow’s data industry. In life, we tend to face challenge with every step we take. A successful entrepreneur is the one who doesn’t scare away from the challenges; instead they win over those critical situations and achieve something extraordinary, Aleetza is an example of such an entrepreneur.
Aleetza is passionate about solving real world problems. Her passion to go deep into the human conversations and understand how tech and humans interact for a better global climate has led her company to redefine the industry. Under Aleetza’s guidance, the company successfully supports some of the biggest names in industry in various sectors, from Travel – SIA and AirAsia, Ecommerce- Lazada, Zalora, to Banking, SCB and Global brands like Google and McDonalds among many others.
The Path Which Took Aleetza from an Ordinary Employee to an Extraordinary Entrepreneur
The leading entrepreneur talked about her initial days and stated, “I started as an actress on TV and thought my path had been decided, only to land a job at Google a few years later in Australia, where I was the 6th employee in APAC.” Staying there for almost a decade and contributing majorly in a variety of sales and customer-facing strategy roles helped her to earn an enormous amount of experience. It was the time when she decided to be her own boss and embark on the journey to build a digital business.
Building a business all of a sudden from nowhere, beginning a new venture and establishing that in the market is not at all easy. Beginning a new venture and instantly building it from scratch to successfully establish it in the market is no easy task. But, Aleetza started her business with no funding and did it. Now, it’s been four years and the company is a well-known name in its domain. “Thinking on your feet, being creative and agile have all been refined skills through the process,” added Aleetza.
Aleetza has setup her business in a dynamic industry where exciting things happen at every moment. . Ad tech has nearly doubled in the past consecutive five years and there is now much more scope to improve communication with the customers. As a major percentage of the investment is going into the tech, rather than skills, there arises a problem in the industry that is reminiscent of  having a Ferrari and not knowing how to drive it, or service it and hence, making it work for the buyer is actually of no worth. Hence, Aleetza says that investing in infrastructure and talent is paramount as is knowing what teams should spend time on, and reducing manual labor through automation. So, she came up with the idea of Sparkline, with which, businesses will not only be benefited, but also get higher efficiency.
About the Company which is Making Data Simplified, Accessible and Actionable
Sparkline was created to simplify digital data, make it accessible and actionable to businesses. It offers consulting in an agnostic manner and provides training to handle the concerns of 50% of the marketers who feel that their skills are redundant in the next three years. Aleetza has expressed the need to govern communication through technology, so finally the company is empowering its clients by building tech which speeds up the action-ability, lowers manual labor costs and focuses on evolving through data.
While following this extraordinary procedure of working, the company has showcased a profitable career for four years. With a set of patented solutions, the company is building tech to support analysts in fighting the data accuracy and governance issues as more data and more people gives rise to more complexity. Aleetza says, “We have tools that can narrow 40-hour labor into 3 minutes; and for products like Adobe Analytics, we have built the most comprehensive data Audit tool in market.
Sparkline is not just supporting industry leaders, but the company has also established an analyst internship program, alongside Google and the Singapore Government to train graduates to be work-ready analysts. Most interestingly, the company’s training has helped students to get placement on multinational brands like AirBnB, Uber and Ernst and Young, and that too with a salary package which is much higher than those who did not participate in the curriculum. The tech-giant Google has labeled the internship program as Squared Data. The CEO of the company has declared that their extraordinary course will be a part of Sparkline Academy and will soon be open to everyone from 2018, and not just for those selected by Google.
What Fuels Aleetza’s Creativity and Energy to keep her Motivated?
Aleetza has a wonderful team of professionals and an amazing family, what more does a person need in his/her life to be motivated. She says that believing in oneself that he/she can solve a problem for a company or an individual is always the greatest motivating tool one can get. She further adds, “I always admire those that stick their neck out as it were, even in adversity, because they believe that integrity and meaning is more important than money.
Apart from being a leading entrepreneur, Aleetza is the mother of two beautiful children who keeps her daily stress away. She is also an adventure enthusiast and her most remarkable memories include traveling, climbing Kota Kinabalu, skydiving and visiting exotics places like Maldives and walking the Great Wall in China. She sheds some interesting words about traveling and says, “Travel makes us aware that the world is larger than ourselves and much more accepting towards diverse culture, religion, and environment.”
Aleetza’s Message to the Blooming Entrepreneurs
Be patient and do it for the right reasons, not through the get-rich-quick route. Being an entrepreneur is exciting and daunting all in the same day. When you wake up each day, you need to know why you are doing what you are doing, not just for yourself, for your family and anyone that invests or works with you. Believe in your cause and be open in the journey.
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