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akaCRM: Delivering CRM Results, the Faster, Easier Way

Revolutionary products from business technology leaders like Salesforce and Conga are transforming how companies succeed in a complex and highly competitive world. However, the accelerated adoption of digital solutions in a short timeframe has left many companies floundering for adequate support.
It does not have to be that way.
Since 2009, a Salesforce Cloud Alliance partner has been providing a comprehensive range of services to allow businesses of all sizes to overcome these challenges.
Their motto is ‘Be easy to do business with’ and the company is akaCRM. 
A Wide Footprint 
akaCRM is one of the most trusted names in the implementation and integration of Salesforce, Conga, Pardot, and related platforms. It excels at helping companies leverage the power of business technology to drive customer acquisition and retention, suppress costs, and boost revenue.
With its steady growth over the past decade, akaCRM now staffs experts in 10 states. The company’s clients are located in 45 states across the country. They come from fields as diverse as business services, education, financial services, gaming & entertainment, health, law, manufacturing, nonprofits, technology, and transportation.
In recent years, akaCRM has started to devote more resources to delivering add-in applications for its Student Success Platform and Nonprofit Success Platform. These gateways give higher education and charitable institutions the same powerful tools to maximize results as large enterprises.
Every client receives the consistently high quality of service and delivery that is always associated with the akaCRM brand. However, the company also tailors its approach to cater to a wide range of budgets and can be adapted to varying levels of client collaboration or independence.
Customers which want to retain complete control and oversight can opt for just training and advisory services. Those who prefer some collaboration can choose co-managed implementations. Other clients prefer to leave it to the experts and take the turn-key implementation alternative.
A significant factor that distinguishes akaCRM from its competitors is that the company itself uses the vast majority of products it deploys for clients. The level of familiarity and proficiency its experts possess cannot be replicated by other companies, which rely primarily on scenario-based training.
Leading from the Front 
Successful companies have one thing in common – committed leadership. At akaCRM, that leadership comes from its President and CEO, Brent Mellow.
Brent is not just a C-suite executive but one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce experts anywhere. His association with the platform began as a customer in 2001 and evolved into a partnership in 2003.
Today, he is a Salesforce Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, Pardot Specialist, Pardot Consultant and Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional.
Along the way, Brent has owned and managed three separate Salesforce consultancies and contributed to innumerable Salesforce initiatives. His words have resounded at the platform’s annual conference, Dream force. Over the past two decades, Brent Mellow’s incisive analysis, bold creativity, and irrepressible vigor have drawn some of the most talented minds and largest businesses to Salesforce and to akaCRM.
A Unique Workplace 
The work culture at akaCRM is distinctly different from virtually every company, and not just in the Salesforce sphere. Company staff which is spread from the West Coast to the East Coast, have the option to work from home offices or from personal executive suites. T
he versatility and agility of its distributed workforce are among akaCRM’s strongest assets. However, such a revolutionary approach to staffing does present some unique obstacles.
“Creating a sense of connectedness with a remote-based team is always a challenge,” Brent explains, “To counter it, we use technology to build bridges. Chat, video conferencing, and Chatter groups remind our staff that they are part of a single, cohesive team.”
“This is supplemented with a first- Friday all-team meeting. It keeps everyone aligned to a common vision focused on the company’s core values.”
The akaCRM workplace is an ecosystem in constant, positive flux. Brent’s management team proactively implements strategies to improve employee work-life balance and their latest initiative is the four-day work week. It is an option the company offers to employees during the summer months.
akaCRM’s commitment to people goes well beyond simplifying attendance; the company’s continuing investment in people is the bedrock of its success. Brent elaborates on this aspect of his company.
“One of the reasons clients select us is because of the talent here. We hire individuals who demonstrate a passion for learning and a desire to expand their skills. The network of support we offer includes paying for certification tests and personalized routes of advancement that cater to every individual’s strengths and skills.”
By cultivating this culture of mutual respect, and by nurturing and rewarding talent, akaCRM continues to attract some of the most skilled and innovative professionals in the industry.
Proven Strategies, Proven Results 
Brent has witnessed firsthand the unprecedented upheaval in the arena of online engagement since the turn of the millennium. Instead of slowing, the pace of change has accelerated in recent years. The latest seismic shift is the advent of Cloud technology; its proliferation continues unabated.
He reveals how akaCRM has handled these evolutions with remarkable ease.
“Our core values of Trust, Creativity, Teamwork, and Scalability keep us focused. Scalability is perhaps the most crucial of all – it is the basis on which we develop high-quality processes that can be duplicated for consistency.”
The success of this systematic approach gives Brent and his team confidence that they are on the right track. With akaCRM’s popularity as a CRM provider surging, it seems the company’s clients agree.