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Aisilica: Boosting Surveillance with Hawk-eye Vision and Pedantic Precision

In an investigative conversation, it is frequently said that a picture speaks more than 1000 words, but video footage speaks the whole story, that too without any bias. If you provide traffic monitoring evidence in the hands of a personal injury attorney, you can drastically change the outcome of your accident case. Whether you are dealing with insurance companies or other drivers, you can utilize video evidence to prove you weren’t at fault. However, to do so, you need a surveillance system. California based Aisilica provides leading-edge surveillance cameras that fetch vital data in real time by following US privacy protocols. The company was incepted in 2014 and since then it continues to empower traffic authorities, drivers, car owners, and even common man with the power of a robust surveillance system.
Impressive Journey so Far
Aisilica has its primary operation system in Trivandrum, India, with employee headcount in double digit. Ever since its inception, the company has impressed many market players and end consumers with its adeptness in embedding artificial intelligence on thin silicon chips and continuously marching ahead with full vigor.
The US being its stronghold territory, it is the superiority of its products that within a time frame of just 4 years, Aisilica has expanded its business footprint to many important Asian countries like Japan and India and proving its mettle in the technological sphere.
Fascinating Features of its Products
The company has engineered surveillance cameras that address the concerns related to national security and private surveillance needs with stringent enforcement of US privacy protocols.
They have built a smart surveillance camera with facial recognition capabilities for the security market. Their camera provides magnified vision and precise facial recognition competencies that is sufficient to monitor and recognize any suspicious activity for any indoor or outdoor environment.
Aisilica’s surveillance camera is a big hit among security agencies, school districts, and residential communities due to its unique capabilities of providing precise surveillance without breaching people’s privacy. Due to its uniqueness of ‘protecting everyone’s privacy,’ Aisilica’s products have generated strong euphoria among security agencies in North America and EU, where privacy law is a great hindrance to active surveillance.
Aisilica has two more smart vision product families – smart camera products for Traffic Analytics and Automotive Cameras.
Their surveillance system assists traffic authorities to enforce speed and red light laws, catch violations, issue penalty to the violator with evidence, and encourage safe driving. A common man also protects his automobile from theft, improves safety while driving, improves driver and fleet performance, gets car infotainment, and increases accountability while driving using edge computing, ADAS cameras, and multi-camera aggregators.
Even a for motorist looking for protection in the event of an accident, installing a vehicle camera can be a simple and affordable way to record their road journeys.
Power efficiency is the other vital strength of Aisilica’s product. The company gives top priority and designs the chips with meticulous attention to make its surveillance systems power efficient.
It allows them to build intelligence in small form factor. The company applies best system architecture and software-hardware optimization techniques to bring the finest performance without burning much power.
Driving Forces of Aisilica
Justin Anthony Nguyen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aisilica. Justin has 20+ years of experience in building technology and software startups, applying an outstanding blend of technical, analytic, business and leadership skills.
After graduated from college, he joined a Silicon Valley hot startup Xilinx (XLNX) as an engineer. Six years later, he started his first company in 1997 developing an AI chip to emulate human eye. After that, he was recruited by another hot startup NeoPoint deliver the first smartphone in 1999, which has multiple AI functions and Wall Street Journal praised it “The first Smartphone done right!” His next Startup was Widcomm, the provider of Bluetooth SW. At Widcomm, he led the strategic licensing efforts that allow Widcomm’s BT Protocol SW to be embedded in more that 7 billion Bluetooth devices in the market today, and that number is still growing. Justin then moved on and started his second company developing a Natural Language Processing engines for unstructured data applying Agents technologies, Data Mining and Machine Learning. He is the inventor one US patent, and a co-inventor on 7 pending patents
Jyothis Indirabhai is the Co-Founder and CTO of Aisilica. Jyothis has earlier worked in Intel as its GPU Design Manager. He has more than two decades of experience in architecting low power SoCs and chipsets as a part of Intel and a few successful California startups.
Jyothis is a microchip designer by profession with a strong background in building System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, GPUs, mobile-CPUs, and short-range wireless baseband chips. He cofounded Aisilica Inc., an intelligent edge computing company that brings AI and computer vision to low power embedded devices.
Future Vision through ‘Smart Vision’
According to Aisilica, an embedded technology company should have the skills to build systems with optimal hardware and software, to cater to the requirements of the application. In-depth understanding of the domain, cost reduction opportunities, power efficiency, performance optimization, and rapid prototyping are the key to win clients’ trust. The company feels proud when the clients give them thumping feedback for its innovative and efficient products.
The company believes that embedded systems are becoming more and more intelligent. Also, vision is going to be a major attention area considering growing demands of automation. With the right AI skills and edge computing platforms for vision and AI, Aisilica is rightly positioned to reap the benefits of embedded industry’s growth.
“We want to be the leader of the Smart Embedded Vision market while driving the overall cost of smart vision systems to a very affordable range. With our long-term plan we will be able to achieve this,” concluded the CEO.
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