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AireSpring: Simplifying the Complexities of Integrating Cloud Communications Solutions

AireSpring’s Managed Connectivity is a revolutionary way to simplify the complexities of integrating cloud communications solutions into IP networks. Companies need converged voice, video, and data solutions that they can count on but often don’t have the time or resources to manage, monitor, or troubleshoot a complex multi-vendor solution. AireSpring has the answer with end-to-end managed connectivity fully integrated with an award-winning cloud communications suite to equip clients business with fast, secure, and reliable services.
Seamless integration is much more difficult with disparate technologies. AireSpring addresses this problem by delivering services over their own managed network with end-to-end QoS. Their special relationship with other carriers enables them to ensure switches and routers are properly configured to give their customers voice traffic priority over the network.
End-To-End, Next-Generation UC Solutions
AireSpring offers fully managed and connected end-to-end, next-generation UC solutions for multi-location enterprise customers, including AireContact Cloud Contact Center SaaS application, AirePBX Business VoIP, SIP Trunking, MPLS networks, and Business Internet. AireSpring primarily differentiates itself through their managed connectivity services, as many companies find it increasingly resource intensive and have neither the technical teams, nor the CAPEX budget, to manage and maintain their own networks.
By delivering cloud communications services over AireSpring’s network, companies avoid the inherent unreliability of the public “best effort” internet, as AireSpring is able to ensure and control the priority of customers’ voice traffic on the network. Also, AireSpring provides professional execution and service from design, to implementation and turn up, to network monitoring and customer support, which helps alleviate pain throughout the process.
AireSpring’s managed network services enable companies to reduce their CAPEX expense and lower their operating costs. AireSpring’s managed services help customers defray those costs, and reduce their financial burden. By letting AireSpring take on the network operations, customers are able to have a stable monthly cost while enjoying all the benefits of the latest technology.
Unique “White Glove” Service Approach
One of the only companies to offer a “white glove” service approach in delivering UC solutions, AireSpring’s business VoIP customers are given professional on-site installation and testing of phones, switches and routers. In addition to their nationwide network, they also have partnerships with all major carriers which enables them to configure their network switches to prioritize AireSpring’s customers’ voice traffic, reducing latency and delivering clear call quality or Quality of Service (QoS). The design, installation, operation, monitoring, repair, and maintenance are all handled with the same high level of professionalism. AireSpring’s enterprise-grade cloud phone system, AirePBX provides a true unified communications capabilities through a host of advanced features that let users communicate and collaborate from anywhere.
One of the differentiating factors which sets AireSpring Managed Connectivity apart from other solutions is the unique value of the AireSpring Advantage. AireSpring’s award-winning voice and data products come with provider stability and reliability that comes with being a long-time industry leader, debt-free and profitable.  AireSpring’s premier support includes a single point of contact, free AireCare 24/7 account management portal, and an escalation list that extends all the way to the CEO. The AireSpring Advantage also offers the largest available coverage on a reliable and diversified network and the assurance that, because all services are delivered by a single vendor, there is none of the usual finger-pointing in the event of a network outage.
Avi Lonstein, a Telecom Entrepreneur
Avi Lonstein, Co-founder and CEO of AireSpring has been a telecom entrepreneur for over 25 years. In 1989, Mr. Lonstein co-founded ADDTEL Communications. As a President of ADDTEL, he was directly responsible for growing the company from a start-up operation to one of the country’s most successful nationwide long distance resellers. Under Mr. Lonstein’s direction, ADDTEL was recognized as one of the telecom industry’s most innovative and well-managed companies, and experienced substantial growth during his tenure.
Mr. Lonstein’s next entrepreneurial venture was AireSpring which he co-founded in 2001. Mr. Lonstein and his team foresaw the massive changes in telecom technology, and rapidly built AireSpring’s own next-generation IP network to become a full-fledged VoIP carrier, offering a range of SIP Trunking and telephony services.
Mr. Lonstein later spearheaded development of the company’s own nationwide MPLS network and created an innovative Mesh MPLS product that has won several awards. As Chief Executive Officer for AireSpring, Mr. Lonstein is responsible for the company’s operations, strategy, and transformation into a nationwide provider of managed services for IP communications, intelligent networking and cloud computing applications and services. He continues to lead AireSpring as the company expands its portfolio of award-winning services and applications to keep it on the cutting edge.
Mr. Lonstein says, “AireSpring’s success is based on our philosophy, whereupon we try to offer products that customers need, and add value through personalized service and high-quality engineering implementations. We see our pool of experts, and the manpower that they represent, as being our biggest key differentiator and our most valuable asset. Satisfying our customers is the end to our means; there is no higher priority.”
Reflecting on the future of AireSpring Mr. Lonstein says, “We are focused on providing our customers with the latest technology, and as such we are continually reviewing and evolving our product set. We have many upcoming projects, plans, and products that are in the pipeline for the future. We plan to be here for at least another 15 years.”