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AiNET: Delivering Innovative and Secure Data Services

Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of AiNET has a pretty revolutionary idea: that data centers aren’t supposed to be a commodity anymore. For too long, he believes, data center services providers have only delivered three things – pipe, power and ping. The old concept of treating data centers as a commodity product has been hurting the very businesses that it was meant to serve, and has resulted in a decline in the industry. The end-users have been forced to maintain layers of staff to handle hardware and software for years.
He hopes to change that formula, and his company is blazing the trail forward by combining layers of managed services within the data center, consolidating networks and cloud as well as colocation under one vendor. He aims to change the way businesses look at their data center partner.
AiNET’s model allows businesses to offload a number of complex technology tasks and processes, and free up the staff and resources to focus on their core business – not their technology. AiNET’s primary focus over their 25 years in business primary focus has always been to reduce the complexity for clients by adding layers of value to the data center services stack.
By providing meaningful layers of data center services, access to private cloud infrastructure and high-speed networks connecting production and disaster recovery sites, AiNET stands alone in the industry. The dedicated team at AiNET unlocks the power of their clients’ IT systems to help them achieve their mission and accelerate their growth. Founded in 1993, AiNET is a leader in the design, construction, operation, and support of internet data centers, fiber optic networks, big data analytics and secure public/hybrid cloud and enterprise clouds. Rather than just a commodity, AiNET treats the entire data center sector as an opportunity to streamline client’s processes and leverage their infrastructure to maximize value for the customer.
How AiNET stays ahead of the Data Center industry
The Founder and CEO of AiNET, Deepak Jain has been at the forefront of the hosting and data center services since 1993. His ability to understand and predict industry shifts has allowed the company to undertake a number of their own IT transformations to meet their customers where the market is taking them. With his rich experience in the field of information technology, the company has smoothly undergone many IT transformations to meet the needs of their customers in response to an ever-changing market. Massive investments in both R&D and infrastructure have helped AiNET to remain at the cutting edge, from complex data services and fiber optic network rings to Exabyte-level cloud solutions.
For AiNET, service delivery is the most important of their customer engagements. With AiNET’s cutting edge cloud technologies, companies can stay ahead of the curve with respect to the data center industry. Businesses are now pushing more applications and processes towards the cloud. AiNET is unique for the way that they take complex data center managed services, high-speed networks and hybrid cloud technologies and unite them under one roof. AiNET is also known for their unique value-added proposition which allows their customers to streamline their IT processes and benefit from exceptional value, transparency and agility.
For Jain, however, the true advantage comes in listening to, and understanding, his clients’ needs. “It all comes down to listening and tending to the clients’ needs, asking them where they need to go, and setting the strategy forward from that point on. If you aren’t listening to your clients, how can you give them the services they need?”
Keeping clients safe
The question keeping many CTOs up at night is, “are my company’s data and systems safe?” AiNET recognizes that their clients place great faith in them, entrusting them with the security and integrity of their data. In order to protect their clients, the company has built an impressive portfolio of secure networks and redundant data centers, all built to withstand whatever disasters the world can throw at them.
AiNET specializes in premium colocation services, production and disaster recovery sites, as well as hybrid cloud systems which help organizations with IT transformation. AiNET’s series of data centers are built to offer industry leading redundancy and security.
AiNET’s four data centers are connected by AiNET’s privately held 10,000 fiber mile network. The fiber allows for synchronous replication and mirrored sites throughout the network, providing uninterrupted service and exceptional service continuity in the face of emergency events. The redundant, secure network allows the firm to offer an industry leading 100% up-time SLA.
“When we enter into a contract with a client, we recognize that it is more than just business,” says Jain. “Our contracts are a promise to our clients. We promise to keep their systems safe, to keep them running and functioning at the highest levels. And when we make promises, we will do anything to keep them. We do this because we know that, once our clients have peace of mind about their critical technology systems, they can now get back to focusing on what their core business is. It gives them the freedom to dream bigger, and that means really exciting things begin to happen for them.”
The road ahead
 AiNET is on an expansionary path, looking to expand into new markets, both geographically, vertically and in regards to product refinement. As the company continues to add world-class cloud and data center services, customers benefit from increased efficiency, transparency and cost-savings while reducing the complexity of their systems.
“The future of data centers is in the cloud,” says Jain. “It’s the way the industry is going. The data centers that don’t adapt will get left behind. Good thing for us, we’ve seen this trend coming for years and are developing the services and products that clients don’t even know they need yet,” he says.
AiNET is focusing on two separate development routes: increasing the efficiency, receptiveness and the economics of the cloud and leveraging the data center environment to provide more complex and transformational data center services.  Just recently, AiNET added their first third-party SOC to their Beltsville, Maryland data center, providing a more advanced level of cyber security coverage within the network. In addition, productized solutions in the cloud storage and VM space are presenting AiNET clients’ with more specialized ways to hybridize and simplify complex IT environments.
“I think a lot of service providers are nervous about the future: about the transition to the cloud, the move to everything As-A-Service, the gigantic requirements for bandwidth, for storage, for compute,” says Jain. “At AiNET, we’re not nervous at all. The future is what we’ve been working towards my entire life.”

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