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Agnew Multilingual: Translating Languages Globally

In today’s business world, communication is playing a more vital role than ever. The need for language services is rapidly increasing across the globe. Organizations ranging from multinational companies to small-scale enterprises are looking for professionals to translate, interpret, localize and globalize their content for all types of customers. In this scenario of growing demand for language services, Agnew Multilingual has been a leader in providing foreign-language translation, interpretation and multicultural communication services.
Founded in 1986, Agnew provides culturally sensitive and highly effective language solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. It serves companies which are expanding into the emerging markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Located in Westlake Village, California, Agnew draws on over 1,500 translators and multilingual talent worldwide. A woman-owned business, Agnew is ISO and WBENC certified, and registered as SBE, WBE and DBE with state and national agencies.
A Sophisticated Leader
The orchestrator behind Agnew Multilingual is Irene Agnew, the Founder and President. She has more than 30 years of experience in the translation field. Prior to establishing Agnew in 1986, she was a consultant for Bunker Ramo Corporation on machine translation research. She translated Russian radio broadcasts for the U.S. State Department. She was the head translator for Rand Corporation and wrote a monthly column for Science Digest.
Irene’s primary goal is to make sure that clients’ multilingual marketing efforts not only meet but exceed their expectations. She is fluent in Russian, with a working knowledge of Japanese and Spanish.
An Exemplary Approach to Stay Ahead in the Market
Distinguishing Agnew from industry competitors is the fact that it is not burdened with layers of bureaucracy. Its team can respond immediately to its clients’ needs. The company keeps its administrative staff lean, but expandable at a moment’s notice. It has carefully assembled a large and diverse talent pool composed of linguists, programmers, narrators, designers, web developers, and video editors to create accurate, on-time and on-budget deliverables for print and digital projects.
Agnew is a company managed by translators and linguists dedicated to providing the best possible services and solutions based on linguistic skills and technology. The company commits to exceeding its customers’ expectations for translation quality, responsiveness, and professional excellence. It does not limit its service to project delivery but is always watching out for new opportunities for its customers to get the most return on their investment. It strives to pursue new developments in language technology, cultural & international markets, and political & economic conditions that affect its customers’ mission in international business. It also maintains the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity.
Agnew’s language solutions help clients achieve measurable results by reaching out to non-English speaking communities and consumer markets both domestic and international. It serves various industries including aerospace, healthcare, media & entertainment, advertising & marketing, biotechnology, consumer products, utilities & communications and government.
Dynamic Capabilities
The top priority at Agnew is to ensure the meeting of its clients’ communication needs in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Agnew Multilingual provides interpretation for interactive webinars, small meetings, and large conferences with thousands of attendees from across the globe. Its interpreters are selected on the basis of their subject-matter expertise, education and experience. It provides full linguistic, logistic and technical support for all interpretation events, including equipment and professional audio engineers.
Agnew Multilingual’s expertise goes far beyond language translation. The interactive nature of the internet requires a coherent design to address the technical challenges of presentation in other languages and the cultural expectations of the target region. Its video production department delivers superior-quality audio and video production services to help its clients reach their English and non-English speaking customers. Agnew’s ability to provide both translation/trans creation and audio recording or subtitling makes it an ideal choice for discerning clients.
Industrial Outreach
Agnew is a versatile and forward-thinking translation agency. Since its inception, it has been committed to continuously improving its services. In 2013, Agnew established a dedicated Digital Department to manage the growing number of multimedia projects required by today’s technology-driven business environment. Its expertise in proposals, websites, corporate videos and video games has set a benchmark in the Language service Industry.
Agnew translates hundreds of pages of proposals for international business into Middle Eastern languages for one of the nation’s largest aerospace and defense contractors. It localizes hundreds of web pages with thousands of words into multiple languages along with periodic updates and maintenance. It provides repetition discounts for large scale projects and full-service technical support and staging for worry-free content management. It produces corporate videos with voiceover and/or subtitles with on/off capability for web streaming ranging from 1-minute to 60-minutes for tech companies, biopharma corporations and international manufacturing firms. Apart from these, the company also produces retail trailers and demos into multiple languages with voice-over, animated graphics, international ESRB ratings, UPC codes and packaging using Sony and Microsoft templates. Its clients are among the industry’s largest developers and international distributors of videogames.
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