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AgilizTech: Agile, Superior and Quality Provider of bespoke IT Services

The 21st century has a special place in the entire human history. The century saw significant advancement in technology, and much of the credit goes to IT. IT services changed the perspective around the technology, how it was thought and implemented. IT services framed the entire industry in such a way that services went from being business-oriented to customer-oriented. As the competition grew stronger, companies started focusing on the customer’s experiences with advanced technology. Customer satisfaction became a key factor which led to change in complete industry scenario.
AgilizTech Software Services Pvt. Ltd is a strong and committed IT Service provider, filled with young minds, integrating every aspect of technology and being the right arm of futuristic enterprises. Established in 2014, AgilizTech Software Services Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming IT startup that renders bespoke services to businesses. Their mission involves and revolves around the businesses, making them respond with agility and provide superior customer experiences. They are at the epicenter of lean project management, gaining competitive advantage by providing cost efficient products with high-value quality.
AgilizTech offers a wide range of services which majorly includes; Application Development and Maintenance, Mobility, Testing as a Service (TaaS), Cloud, Analytics, Internet of Things, and Enterprise Digital Transformation. This sort of variety in their services makes them, the dark horses of IT industry, under Strong, Tough and Reliable leadership.
An Inspiring Leader  
Ganesh Babu Vasantha Rajan is the Founder, MD and CEO of AgilizTech. Ganesh is multi-talented individual who handles different roles swiftly. His vast talent set comes from the experience he gained while working with technology giants such as HP, Satmetrix and L&T. With strong technical knowledge, he carries himself as a result-oriented professional. Ganesh is well known for his calm and composed personality while delivering solutions to complex problems.
His passion towards technology, keen interest in services management, and the ability to be detail-oriented while keeping in mind the big picture, are the main factors that have shaped AgilizTech. This has fueled and formulated their ability to become experts in the customer experience space.
All-Time Best Customers-Oriented Service offerings in the Business
AgilizTech believes in delivering customer-oriented services, offering them a unique experience with smart solutions. This makes a lasting effect on customers, helping them in achieving high end results. As experts in the customer experience space, their team operates in the mindset of how to develop solutions that provide superior customer experience. Before breaking down their services one by one, let’s take a look at the benefits these services offer.
Practicing agility helps them build and maintain an environment of continuous refinement. From design to development, there is a constant element of fine-tuning and reshaping of the solution. Apart from this, their designers deeply analyze the requirements, and craft intuitive UI and UX for applications. Their web-services work smoothly in extremely high web traffic and maximum data load. A point worth mentioning, their mobile app development team’s motto is ‘for the millennial, of the millennial, by the millennial’.
With a diverse range of sectors, they managed to cover – Renewable energy, Telecom, e-commerce, Legal services, Travel, Automotive, Home Improvement, along with the vast client base coming from, USA, Australia, India, etc., they are on the cusp of global expansion. Their uniqueness lies in their:
Agile processes– They harness the potential of lean project management, provide quicker turnarounds and deliver higher product value. These processes bring in greater transparency and visibility.
Technical expertise– They have strong working knowledge of technologies such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, the mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, etc.
Project Management skills– Their project management skill helps them to develop a dynamic and flexible operational structure which enables them provide long-lasting and secured IT infrastructure.
Automation– AgilizTech strongly supports automation, as it enables them to deliver efficient solutions with optimum utilization of efforts and time. They have mastered the art of implementing automation in Mobile App QA.
These are AgilizTech’s key differentiators, and a major separation factor from their competitors.
AgilizTech’s software is known for its design, alongside scalability, security and optimized performance.
A Tug of War with Challenges of Evolving Technology
Businesses tend to spend significantly on infrastructure improvement due to these technological advancements, leading to higher costs. Furthermore, to add to this misery, constant socio-economic challenges such as Brexit, which has caused an economic slump in Great Britain, has led to uncertainty of investments. The latest technology such as IoT, can serve as a fear factor, as most of the companies try to avoid it all together.
AgilizTech take these challenges, and transforms them into opportunities, by building up digital capabilities, equipping employees with new-age skills and providing optimum solutions at competitive costs.
Big Dreams followed by Big commitments
Digitization is the future, and technologies like cloud, data analytics, mobile and social are mapped up the path for it. AgilizTech is ready to up the ante with its digital business unit, moving ahead in the automation field, while building strategic partnerships to stay competitive and provide exceptional, cutting-edge solutions in the future.
AgilizTech is on the verge of expanding globally due to constant demand arriving from different parts of the globe such as the America and Australia. With another exciting venture, they have a product launch, in the sports domain by early 2017, in their roadmap. With big dreams and big commitments from customers, surely, they have a great future ahead of themselves.