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AgentCubed: CRM Software Solution Specifically Designed for Insurance

Data is a crucial component to a successful sales operation.  Insurance carriers and agencies rely on data to manage marketing spend, track agent performance, nurture leads, maintain compliant processes, and retain membership and clients. However, organizing and accessing data is not an easy task without technology.
Insurance call centers, agencies and health plans rely heavily on sale’s data to successfully manage the success of their operations. That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes into play. The sub-sectors of Healthcare like Insurance Carriers and Brokerages are challenged to succeed without the help of CRM technology.
AgentCubed is a lead distribution and CRM software solution, specifically designed for health/life, Medicare, and P&C. The software solution provided by the company improves lead conversion and customer retention by enabling automated lead distribution workflows, integrated quoting, real-time campaign tracking, and detailed policy management tools. AgentCubed provides intelligent lead distribution workflows to both call centers and field agents.
Integrated Quoting and Enrollment Especially Designed for Insurance
The company has specifically designed its services for the Insurance industry. It offers integrated quoting and enrollment within its platform, which accelerates clients’ lead conversion and customer retention. In addition, the robust reporting by AgentCubed enables its clients to access the data they need in real-time.
AgentCubed offers a wide range of eminent services that allow insurance carriers to transform their business with resounding swiftness.
Lead Management and Distribution: AgentCubed integrates with over 200 lead vendors for real-time lead posting to automate workflows with business rules defined by the client. These workflows allow for intelligent lead distribution based on geography, lead priority, agent licensing and agent skill level. Lead distribution does not stop in the call center environment; AgentCubed clients are able to configure business rules to distribute leads to field agents and require status updates on those leads to make sure no lead falls through the cracks.
Quoting, Enrollment and Policy Management: AgentCubed provides agents in both the call center and field the ability to quote and enroll health, life and Medicare products within the platform. The number of carrier integrations continues to increase providing agents even more opportunity to complete a consolidated enrollment without ever leaving the AgentCubed system. The online enrollment system allow the client to get real-time access to application status and sales performance.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): AgentCubed’s industry leading platform eliminates the need for multiple systems by accessing all lead and client information in one easy-to-use customer relationship management platform. The platform was built with features like automatic distribution of follow-up tasks, built-in calendar and event reminders for clients, and agent access to their book of business to continually nurture clients. AgentCubed is designed for insurance therefore the CRM features are designed for lead management and policy management as the focal point of the solution.
The Technology Leader Driving Success
Chad Hogan is the Senior Vice President of Quotit Corporation® and AgentCubed. In June 2017 AgentCubed was acquired by Quotit. Both companies are excited about the collaboration and aim to bring-forward amazing system solutions in the market together.
Chad has more than ten years of experience in technology leadership. Prior to AgentCubed, Chad was the president of a computer consulting firm that focused on networking and Internet solutions for small to mid-size companies, including several insurance organizations. This experience allowed Chad to recognize the industry future. At AgentCubed, Chad oversees all the aspects related to general business operations, including product development, technology development, and customer service. Chad’s compassionate leadership and professional astuteness is an undeniable aspect behind AgentCubed’s fast-paced growth.
Notable Clients and Valuable Feedbacks
The company has been recognized as one of the best CRM solution providers. Its solutions are adopted by many carriers and agencies across the country. HealthCompare, HealthPlanOne(HPOne), ASI Property Insurance and VelaPoint Insurance are among a few.
Kyal Moody, SVP HealthCompare states “Before AgentCubed, we didn’t have a true line of sight into our day-to-day analytics. Additionally, we experienced a larger number of qualified leads, quicker conversions and an increased conversion rate after onboarding AgentCubed.”
HealthPlanOne (HPOne) drives enrollment and engagement outcomes for the nation’s leading insurance companies. Tom Wicker, SVP, Sales and Operations HealthPlanOne, also recognizes AgentCubed a valuable partner and says “AgentCubed’s lead distribution and the compliance aspect on outbound calls have had the largest impact to our business. At the end of the day, it’s about identifying what’s working and what isn’t. The analytics and reporting flexibility is really second to none.”
Jana Bell, Operations Leader, ASI, a Property Insurance company, admires AgentCubed and its solutions. She asserts, “AgentCubed is the complete solution for managing your agency. In addition, their support is fantastic.”
Premium Products and Exemplary Customer Services
AgentCubed has witnessed exceptional growth since its inception. The company has always emphasized providing premium products to its clients while building trusted partnerships and delivering results on target. Additionally, it aims to continually enhance the system, offering innovative solutions to increase the success of sales and marketing. AgentCubed envisions expanding its capabilities further, in support of the Property and Casualty Insurance industry and strives to make a mark across various verticals with its reliable CRM solutions.

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