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Call on the youth for activeness

To live now is to live in the moment of days wished for, it may seem as if we have gotten all mankind needs or would need to survive through the thriving society full of cupid competition but the very answer would simply come as a result of deep insight into the needs of individuals, one man has his very desires and life of fantasy as elaborated in the words of Mercy Gates through his poem titled, MY DREAM WORLD.
Where the mind beholds comfort-
The wind against life feels for a bliss-
The world I feel so completed-
Where the beauty of nature meets my demand-
 The struggles of the past
Seem so far away-
There I want to be.
To consequently describe this concept, “The new age of mankind” we have to consider certain streams of events of concern in many counts of which a few are carved out;
Age can be described as the momentary existence of an individual, the duration and period of his active days. The time a person has been on this planet earth, the space of time a device or an item has been on this planet before expiring or going out of sight is called as age which in a more formal platform is recorded in digits.
The phases of existence according to my point of view are categorized into three;

  • Local tool-days: Days have come and gone, people have come and are no more, things have been there but yet none is nowhere to be found, then we could ask questions like, where have they gone to? Yes; they are somewhere within the impossible reach of our physical self. The days when spirituality was too tough to be plaid with, Education had no form of extended classes rather a short moment of great impact, when ideas belonged to a particular name other than what we have today. Olden days are called as local tool-days, within these days, the provisions of mankind were more of natural endowment than it is of artificial attachment, taking into consideration the terminology of Agriculture; men and women of then used those local tools such as hoes, sticks, and hands to start and finish their agricultural activities. The good things about these days were the more collaboration amongst the farmers, there was love, coordination, collaboration, sense of humanity and collaboration amongst them. There are few of the unfortunate happenings- which reads in lines like less productivity and limited reach of the operations as everything depends on man power.
  • Mechanized Age: The days of man has advanced so much, he is no longer limited to the use of man power or animal power, and rather he is blessed with the outcome of a well utilized human brain that resulted in the invention of machinery to ease the weight of labor. Computer devices are available, radio, television, Artificial Intelligence enabled devices – robots, mobile phones etc. and more have come into place alongside such technology like the plough machines, tractors, crop dissemination machinery. To make things clear and close to hand, we take Agriculture into consideration, in the mechanized age, the machinery provided through technology are there to enhance production and economic growth but yet it’s more like the inventions are going into idle state as the younger ages are getting too lazy to use them, its known that most of the people who invented these devices are nowhere to be found, the scripts of operation or called as manuals are also in some cases scarce, then man of new age tends to see no easy means of harnessing the effectiveness of the already invented technologies and this has led to the discussion  point of information age/ age of enlightenment .
  • Age of enlightenment: Who can make efficient use of what devices that are already there? This is the question of which there should be an action oriented answer to, many things have been invented, devices have been manufactured, items have been made but who to make very good use of them is becoming a delicate issue, time is coming when all that is needed for mankind to survive will be there but how to make good use of them will be a big problem. Why? Let’s consider the path of our younger generation, they are depending more on the activities of easy life, what artificial intelligence can do for them, nobody is ready to harness his natural abilities. It is quite alarming and it won’t be a surprise that in the nearest future we would all sit and watch, then wait that if a machine cannot do it, then let it be, am tired, laziness will become the order of the day. AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT is not just the age of enjoying the already provided technologies but also the moment to see new possibilities of advancement and possibly the invention of newly founded ideas.

IMPACT OF CIVILIZATION: Let’s consider the concept of civilization and where it has brought us, civilization; this is the stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced. That is the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization. To have explained civilization as the utmost advancement of the social life of people materially, culturally, religiously and educationally should never be misunderstood, we still have a long way to go in the future of mankind.
THE FUTURE: The more we advance in technology the more we need ways to keep the environment safe and comfortable for the living beings, a situation whereby we gain a really good height in tech advancement while the people that supposed to enjoy them is now put into danger, then what is the use? The future is bright and very promising but we have to start somewhere and the time is now, machine learning should be channeled in a way it encourages the natural and creativity growth in man, Man needs enlightenment, a clear picture of where technology is going, what we need to do and how we need to follow it up via action.

Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo

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