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AFour Technologies: The Hub of Cutting Edge Technology

Established in 2007, as a software engineering company with an excellent track record of over 10 years and a singular focus on quality, AFour Technologies is a true example of self-belief, consistency, and transparency.
The company is a hub of every cutting-edge technology in software engineering ─ Hyperconvergence, SDN, Virtualization, Next Generation Data Center Technologies, Networking, Enterprise Mobility.
AFour Technologies provides 360° Software Product Engineering Services like Software Design and Development, UX Design, Independent Testing, DevOps, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics.
Till date, AFour Technologies has been able to bring together some of the best and brightest minds in software engineering.
A Passionate Industry Veteran
Mr. Subodh Parulekar is the Co-founder and CEO of AFour Technologies. He has been leading and delivering technology solutions for over 20 years in software engineering startups and large enterprises which include companies like Aztecsoft, Metawave Communications, Nortel Networks, and Honeywell. As an entrepreneur, Subodh holds very high values for himself and his company. He has a considerable amount of experience in Software Engineering, Project management, Solutions Architecture, Sales, and Marketing. Subodh holds a Master’s Degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton, an MBA from the University of Washington.
When Employees and Clients are the Priority
For AFour Technologies, creating an employee friendly environment is the topmost priority. The company invests heavily in its employees by providing a variety of training programs that help them improve their skills and grow professionally.  The company helps its employees to set up a career plan. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, AFour Technologies offers flexible working hours and shifts. The employees can even work from home. To encourage and appreciate its employees, the organization also has rewards and recognition programs every month. It also looks after the health of its employees; therefore, it regularly organizes Zumba and Yoga classes to keep everyone fit and healthy.
Since inception, AFour Technologies has worked on several projects. However, for the company, the most exciting project involved a real-time audio transcription solution from calls between clients and businesses. The organization developed a dynamic solution leveraging some of the latest open source technologies, and designed a solution for scalability and performance both horizontally and vertically.
Tough Days Don’t Last Long
The journey of AFour Technologies has been an exciting roller-coaster ride. Started with a small team of highly motivated individuals, the company now boasts of more than two hundred fifty employees. The biggest challenge they faced was “Competition”. The company wanted to differentiate itself from other companies in the industry. It stood out from the crowd by delivering high quality work constantly, and it not only met its clients’ expectations but also exceeded them.
There were times when the company realized some pieces of business or few strategies were not working. To make things right, they had to take a few tough decisions but eventually, everything settled down. AFour Technologies believes, the technology industry is the hardest industry to keep-up with, and the company is lucky enough to hire talent with all the right combinations of technology, domain, and software engineering skills.
When the Motto is to ‘Make It Happen’
AFour Technologies has a strong “make it happen” attitude, which helps the company to overcome any tough situation. Employees have contributed greatly to the success of the company and AFour Technologies is fortunate to have such a loyal and hard-working bunch of people. Consistency also plays a big role in the success of the organization. It is something that can be easily achieved with persistent performance, constantly meeting commitments, deadlines, and by providing top-class service. AFour Technologies always works on sharpening its existing skillsets, and making forays into new and upcoming technologies, which is a part of its DNA. Transparency is a big need in this digital age, and AFour Technologies demonstrates this by diligently & transparently sharing all the data with its customers, and being open to receiving accolades & criticisms by seeking internal and external feedback from its employees and clients.
An Eye on the Future
AFour Technologies has a sharp focus on Next Generation Data Center Technologies, IoT & DevOps and is further strengthening its capabilities and services in these areas. AFour Technologies is particularly excited about the accelerators and frameworks it has already built to serve various requirements and to portray their in-depth knowledge in these areas.
It has extended its expertise to include Blockchain so that it can help innovative companies to bring disruptive technology beyond CryptoCurrency. Though the company has already built expertise in AI, it would continue to focus more on developing AI solutions for their clients. The firm is committed to getting ahead of the curve by understanding the landscape well and is building technology skills in-house by working on Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and R&D projects.

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