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Aerotech: Strengthening Industries with Motion Control and Automation Systems

No one can deny that the introduction of automation systems and controls exemplifies the biggest mechanization in manufacturing industries. Automation is the key to more accurate and quicker results.
Aerotech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of the highest performance motion controllers, positioning stages, and automation systems for its customers. The company offers its products to many industries including government, science, and research institutions around the world. Aerotech’s precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today’s demanding applications in medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, flat panel, optics, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronics manufacturing, test, assembly, research and development, and other markets.
Aerotech invests in the business regardless of fluctuations in the business cycle. The company also places a strong emphasis on employee attraction, development, and retention to further bolster its long-term competitive position.
A Leader with an Insightful Approach
Mark Botos is the President of Aerotech. He has a unique vision towards industrial automation and has highlighted the company’s R&D efforts that address its customers’ current and future requirements. The company provides a strong value proposition to utilize an Aerotech solution. Mark’s focus also ensures all aspects of the operation are optimized to support its customers around the world.
Enabling Precise Automation and Control Systems
Aerotech’s controls and precise motion products continue to drive the ACS market to higher levels of throughput by enabling greater precision at faster speeds for today’s manufacturing and testing needs. The company is committed to advancing new products and pushing engineering limits.
Mark states that, “The battle cry in today’s manufacturing environment is ‘faster, more efficient and with lower costs!’ We listen to our customers’ concerns, study the technical issues and requirements of each market, and develop ideal hardware and software solutions to address those needs.”
A Journey Thriving with Lessons
With nearly 50 years of history, Aerotech has seen many of the trends that have shaped the automation industry. Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured custom-engineered motion control solutions for some of the world’s most unforgiving environments and mission-critical applications.
Aerotech offers unified product ranges that appeal to its customers and also follow customer requirements for new product development. A commitment to research and development allows the company to design and build products that advance the state of the art. Pre and post-sale support are also an important part of its value proposition.
Building Superior Automation and Motion Control Systems
Aerotech’s philosophy of building superior automation and motion control systems starts with designing and manufacturing technically superior components. Other suppliers integrate general-purpose components into their motion systems and claim to sell a ‘superior’ system. An Aerotech system begins with Aerotech motion components that are already the best-in-class and specifically designed for high precision operation and optimized to work together. In the end, the result delivers unified systems with exceptionally robust, precise, and efficient operation.
Compelling New Trends and Optimization for Customer Needs
Aerotech always focuses on customer needs and desires. The company engineers its products and operational support to provide the ideal solution and support for the customer’s application. Often, this requires a custom or semi-custom approach.
To be prepared for the latest technology and process execution trends, Aerotech continually searches for the most talented individuals globally to improve its team and invests continuously in R&D while constantly seeking to improve its production and support operations. The company stays close to its customers and understands all aspects of their applications. The whole process begins with a collaborative and open approach in the design process that leads to an ideal solution.
The Future of the Automation Industry
The future of the automation industry lies in full connectivity of all components and systems for both process monitoring and preventative maintenance. All areas of a business, including manufacturing, will be connected so that management can get instant feedback on the efficiency of their process, inventory and material control, areas of concern, maintenance schedules, deliveries, and accounting. Aerotech continues to invest heavily in technology development related to automation as a connected environment.
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