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Aerobyte: Redefining Enterprise Security

Information Technology landscape is about to evolve and grow in a way like never seen. The cloud has brought capabilities of enterprise computing into affordable pieces for companies to explore like never seen for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) for both the consumer and the enterprise. As the number of IoT-connected devices will steadily increase, security issues will also multiply exponentially. In light of the importance of what IoT devices have access to, it is important for businesses to understand their risks.
Aerobyte, an enterprise security solutions provider, presents a unique approach to security, one that limits complexity by reducing the number of products and vendors once needed to operate a secure infrastructure. Secondly, their approach to solving complexity through delivering a comprehensive security platform; one that offers companies the ability to centralize the protection of their data by embracing the implementation of Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform. Their flagship product Secured Architecture Framework everywhere (SAFe) enforces proper delivery of security fundamentals to protect information and ensure all the necessary controls are in place to provision, access and monitor security. Built from the ground up, Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform is the best-of-breed security product offering easy integration, control, and enforcement, so organizations have the ability to maintain existing investment and provide a clear security roadmap for protection well into the future.
Aerobyte’s SAFe Security Platform is a Centralized Command Center which secures and protects every endpoint, no matter if they are remote, on-premise or in the cloud. Aerobyte so far has succeeded in protecting information accessibility where others have failed. Aerobyte’s Security Platform provides comprehensive protection for all critical data points inside and outside any enterprise environment. It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate security on a massive scale through Aerobyte’s SAFe Dashboard.
Meet the Maestro behind Aerobyte
Howard Hellman, CEO of Aerobyte, brings 20+ years’ experience in providing sophisticated hardware or software based IT solutions. However, what differentiates him from others, is that Howard developed a vision for a trust-based security solution 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the available infrastructure resources at that time were not capable of supporting his solution. Howard has worked with major Financial, Energy and Healthcare Organizations putting customer needs above the companies and ensuring that every solution exceeds expectations from the moment their solutions are powered on. In addition to Howard’s excellent industry vision, his dedication to build lasting relationships and providing exceptional support is the anchor to his years of success in this industry.
Aerobyte: Experts in Enterprise Security
The company’s security services include Edge to Edge Encryption as a Service, Endpoint Protection as a Service, Secured Enterprise Backup, and Disaster Recovery, and High-Performance Computing to deliver advanced analytics via private, public or hybrid cloud environment.
Aerobyte deploys security as a platform that optimizes existing on-premise systems and Multi-Cloud Environments, through trust, encryption, privacy, protection and safety. Their solution focuses on protecting information at the byte level and establishing trusted connections through strong authentication to access authorized information via group policy, role, and assigned permissions.
At the heart of Aerobyte Security Platform limits Encryption engine, which acts as a Security Broker through its core, that does protect an enterprise from any IoT, BYOD or device at its endpoint, establishes trust and secure its communication from one endpoint to the other and solves the most complex security problems today. Another crucial part of Aerobyte’s security platform is Client software SAFe Edge Interconnect’s, which turns any endpoint with an IP address into a trusted device and protects its Private Key from falling into the wrong hands. Every endpoint is connected to its authorized endpoint using Aerobyte’s dynamic encryption tunnels. These secure tunnels provide numerous enhanced features over traditional SSL/VPN connections by encrypting and decrypting through its Multi-Point Trust Authentication functionality. Any communication stream is protected through several layers of encryption securing data as it travels over any network or topology from one endpoint to the other. Aerobyte’s SAFe Edge Interconnect allow for protection of every endpoint through certificate-based access control, securing authentication at the network adapter, Data Inspection, Encryption/Decryption, Compression to turn any endpoint into a hardened endpoint built on trust.
Future Roadmap
Through the development and integration of their security platform, Aerobyte has always been years ahead of the Security Market. Through exceptional thought leadership, Aerobyte has a roadmap that will continue to build trusted connections to secure any Distributed Computing Environment. Aerobyte always will customize a solution for its clients that will meet and or exceed their business, operations, and security requirements. In the future, they will incorporate Enterprise Application availability for any size customer through Orchestration, High Availability, Performance and Trust-Based Security with exceptional Reliability Availability and Serviceability.