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Advantages of Investing and Moving Businesses to Emerging Countries

Emerging countries have economies that are experiencing noticeable growth and development over the past years. These countries have shown great potential to flourish and sustain various businesses and are ultimately able to transition alongside the growing market around the world. As these countries develop, they also present different opportunities not only for local companies but also for international companies. Emerging countries are becoming windows and avenues for different business that are growing rapidly. Emerging countries also present a growing market that is usually with the increase of needs and wants, or somehow, innovations present opportunities for new businesses and companies to enter. But why are multi-national companies competing to land a spot and create a territory in these emerging markets? What good will emerging countries provide these businesses? And what are the advantages they can benefit over those companies in already developed markets?
Advantages of investing to emerging countries are:

  1. FRESH RESOURCES. Companies would want to create businesses in emerging countries simply because the market has never been touched and resources are still fresh. If in the event that it is the only type of business set up in an emerging country’s market, the tendency would be that it would be the only business recognized by the customers. Also, these companies can leverage on fresh talent and new outputs especially when it comes to the workforce and professionals. So much potential can be expected from the people since development is rapidly being experienced. Another advantage is that companies can have access to the emerging countries’ resources in terms of what type of business is potentially created. Let’s say, companies will have first-hand and direct access to the emerging country’s IT sector if this is the type of business that the company would have.


  1. ELIMINATING COMPETITION. Once a new business is introduced to an emerging market, it becomes a significant product in the market and consumers or customers will become familiar with it. This eliminates competition in a way that this significant brand becomes the first choice of customers because they have been introduced to it earlier than any of the rest of the products that can be available in the market.


  1. GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY. Doing business in emerging countries provides companies with opportunities to elevate the business and keep it running. Having the business in the emerging countries provide companies growth and sustainability by creating a livelihood where more people are able to afford homes and other big-ticket items, such as cars and refrigerators. This growth in demand drives revenues and profits for local and international businesses, which usually mean higher returns for investors.


  1. This creates different opportunities for both the companies and the local talent pool. This provides the local talent different career opportunities and in return, the companies gain skilled workers who can help sustain the development of the company.


  1. PRESTIGE AND RECOGNITION. Companies gain prestige when local customers know that these companies have expanded to an emerging country. This creates a sense of how these companies have become big and are continuing to develop. These companies are also recognized to be established and well-founded. Chances are, it can become a target company for local investors or the local talent pool as well.

There are different opportunities for businesses when they invest in emerging countries. But it would also depend on how well would these businesses fit in the local market. They can emerge and develop especially when it creates a great deal of impact in the local people and the emerging country. These advantages can be felt long-term and can be accompanied by how well these companies establish their business and how they are able to develop it.
There is no reason not to invest in emerging countries. This can provide growth and development and the ability to help both parties. As emerging countries flourish, the business that has been established in a certain area also experiences that specific growth.
About the Author
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He is also the Founder and CEO of Harper and Hill Executive Search Inc. a growing HR consultancy company in Singapore and Philippines that targets emerging markets in Asia.