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Advancing Moves of Managed Services Providers

It’s almost the end of the year, and hopefully you have played the right cards in the industry of MSP solutions. As we can see, the market for cloud services is escalating the digits in huge numbers. Studying the overall engagements in the industry, we can surely predict that the global market for managed services is expected to grow by almost $230 billion within 2020.
The competition is stiff in the industry, only when the market is going crazily wide. In today’s time, MSPs are entering the market and coming up with new routes to attract more customers in an extraordinary pool of benefits in the industry. In the coming year, we can surely assure that all those resellers will be putting on their extra efforts to learn about the latest MSP trends and initiate the smart executions within the industry. So, this is the best time to plan out your moves and be a game changer in MSP industry.
Let’s have an in-depth read towards the trends that are going to take place soon in the market.
Hybrid Cloud is Real and it isn’t Going Away
Hybrid cloud is initiated with a file server, unadorned except for a sticker and a logo badge. Indeed, if 2015 and 2016 where known as the years of pure cloud, then 2017 is the year of the hybrid. We see this sort of messaging around product lines all around us. For years it has been only cloud and nothing else, but as reality has started to sink in, a more balanced approach seems to be taking shape.
MSPs Establishing in the Channel Partners
The clients will take a keen interest in knowing all kinds of products and services only when the cloud market continues to grow, and you just can’t share the information with them. Rather than trying to stretch your limited resources, you might find it a lot easier and more profitable to join forces with a trusted cloud provider. There are few partner programs who offer free cloud support and migration services to their resellers.
Think Data Security
The global market for managed cloud services is growing at a high pace and we can see some unexpected enhancement on this that is stretching the market widely. A report by 451 Research has predicted that the Compound Annual Growth Rate for managed services will reach 25.6 percent by 2018. This fruitful take has opened up the window of opportunity for more MSPs and puts pressure on all resellers to explore new ways to drive business.
Your clients need to find the data they want, when they want. If they are unaware of an access to vital email messages and file attachments at the right time, it may cost your clients a lot of money in penalties or fines. MSPs should compulsorily look for solutions that will help their clients comply with government mandates, industry regulations and corporate policies.
Make a Smart Move with Monthly Recurring Revenue
Can you think of a better way to do business? You increase your profits without spending more money on extra resources. A lot of MSPs have followed this route and it’s sure to become more popular in 2017. Again, all roads lead to your partners’ program. To create easy opportunities of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) you should go for joining forces with a well-established cloud provider. Some resellers have reported profit increases of up to 50 percent just by switching part of their business model to include cloud services.
Customer Satisfaction, Building Rapport
It goes without saying, if you can offer your clients good solutions they’ll keep coming back for more. After all, they’re looking for a trusted IT advisor who can help them deal with all their technical problems. If you lack any resource to set up and manage your own support and migration services, white label services through your CSP provider is the best way to continue your business. Customer relationship and building a rapport with them is the good news coming on your desk to control the pricing, billing, provisioning, and management.
Keep an Eye on Customer Needs
If you don’t offer the cutting-edge services your clients need to stay competitive, they’ll simply go somewhere else. Hence, talk to with your customers. Find out what their concerns are and which products they want! By taking the time to survey your customers’ needs, you may find out that there is potential for other services that you haven’t even considered.
Now that you’ve had a look at some of the IT service trends for 2017, it’s time to ask yourself an important question: Are you still interested in going solo, or is it time you chewed the bullet and joined forces with a trusted cloud provider?