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admitad: Empowering the CPA Affiliate Network in Publishing and Advertising Industry

Advertisers are increasingly relying on the affiliate channel to broaden their brand exposure with relevant context. Today, the majority of publishers take this opportunity to complement their revenue with advertiser’s support that delights their targeted audience.
One such company is admitad; it is a global Cost-per-Action affiliate network, which officially began its journey in 2010. The company has transformed its main headquarters in Heilbronn to launch six offices around the world, planning to continue its international growth in the future. This ambitious expansion has been fueled by the fact that the network had acclaimed six consecutive periods of year-over-year revenue growth by more than 100% leads thanks to Founder and CEO Alexander Bachmann.
This is a global network with the largest volumes coming from the United States, Europe, UK, and India. The company runs regular campaigns with e-commerce, travel, finance, mobile, online games, etc. It also delivers a diverse range of valuable perks, including weekly pre-payment facilities for exclusive and top-rated publishers worldwide, a great number of internationally recognized brands, detailed and transparent reports, as well as a huge number of useful tools and advanced technologies, comprising of anti-cookie technology, cross-device tracking, lost orders, and fingerprint tracking.
As a global access point for clients facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers, admitad is set to provide the most adaptive and smart solutions for the immediate business boost & help its customers launch and develop a successful business.
The Man behind admitad
Despite his young age (17), Alexander has drawn on all his experience as a top affiliate and is determined to develop and include all the necessary features that competitors’ platforms lack.
“I decided not to reinvent the wheel; I just wanted to improve the existing platforms, and excel at customer service” says Alexander.
His ideas were gaining traction with the media, his mentors, peers, and, most importantly, the consumer market. Today, Bachmann’s admitad is valued at over $100 million, with an annual growth rate of over 150%.
Prior to admitad, Bachmann contributed as a publisher in Zanox & Affilinet. These platforms are considered to be the European affiliate marketing giants. Instead of going head-to-head with Zanox, Bachmann discovered a gap in the Russian market, namely, in Cost-per-Action (CPA) affiliate marketing.
Promising Services by admitad
Despite the company’s size, it still sticks with Alexander’s affiliate roots of catering to the needs of affiliates and publishers by offering leading industry features, including:

  • A global one-stop place for all clients worldwide. This is a giant edge over the affiliate networks that let them outshine their competitors.


  • For advertisers, neither an initial cost of entry nor any extra cost to promote the offers to top affiliates is envisioned. Every admitad client is assigned an individual account manager; this allows to deal with all the queries (in your native language) and solve every issue faced by clients in this field to optimize the campaign, including publisher expansion and manual setting.


  • admitad has a transparent system; the company is known for paying affiliates before they even get paid from the offer owner/advertiser. It is worth mentioning that the company’s publishers can have access to funds withdrawal even with the advertiser’s negative balance. Most of the affiliate networks follow a monthly payment schedule, whereas admitad has a weekly pattern. The company offers its clients a variety of payment methods so that everyone can find the right fit at admitad via PayPal, e-payments, and Wire Transfer in all major currencies. The company holds an impressive in-house developed platform that allows them to quickly adapt, as offers, affiliate needs, and tracking features evolve. They always enjoy access to cutting edge features and do not have to wait for the ‘network in a box’ platforms.


  • admitad’s flexibility is crucial in ensuring efficiency in an innovative as well as technological way to adapt to the ever-changing affiliate business dynamics and overcome the most pressing challenges in the whole marketing industry.

A Few Disciplines that Keep on Motivating the Organization:

  • Innovative, adaptive, and technological approach to the ever-changing affiliate business;
  • Maintaining effective team management (team and leadership development);
  • Centralized decision-making structure: no board of directors = less bureaucratic hassle;
  • Principles/core values (clearly communicated and nurtured in the admitad community and culture);
  • Client-centered (provides full-service);
  • Globally oriented (pursuing global market penetration strategy).

 Challenges Faced by admitad
admitad team management develops plans for a range of scenarios, puts an end to the assumptions about where competition and risk could come from, and is not afraid to look beyond the long-established models. For this sake, admitad was established to have all the features and the current platforms, which were lacking, in order to think outside the box and evolve further. The company tried to maintain the skills of its employees in a regular pace and strike a balance between the potential benefits of emerging technologies and the risks they posed to business.
Client-Centrered Steps by admitad
The company delivers operations worldwide. admitad is focused on cooperating with the international and widely recognized brands and high-quality publishers across the globe. They are highly client-focused and do not cease to provide full-service all-inclusive specials to the partners and affiliate programs. The company is more flexible and adaptive to market industry dynamics.
Future Lane of admitad
admitad will continue its international expansion to provide fuel for continued growth and innovation in the affiliate marketing space. The platform has become an indispensable tool for advertisers. Along with the transactions, the company offers brand recognition, regular payout system with pre-payment options, responsive customer support team, various niche support, fraud-proof analysis, and customer engagement, while efficiently delivering the type of content demanded by today’s sophisticated online consumer. admitad is the type of network that can put long-standing industry titans on the defensive.

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