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AdminaHealth Releases the AdminaHealth Billing Suite for Carriers 2.1

The premier provider of premium billing solutions for the healthcare, insurance, and voluntary benefits markets, AdminaHealth®, is pleased to announce the availability of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite® for Carriers 2.1. Greenwich, Connecticut, March 2023 /PRNewswire/

The billing procedure is significantly simplified, accurate, and more effective thanks to this comprehensive and user-friendly solution, developed specifically for insurance companies offering group health and welfare benefits. The error-free and timely creation of carrier bills by AdminaHealth Billing Suite for Carriers 2.1 enable brokers to receive commission payments more quickly.

The suite is designed specifically for self-administered billing. It works seamlessly with any platform for managing benefits and uses look-back and wash rules for accurate billing. The suite operates in a back-office model, and billing data is generated and pushed to the carrier’s existing billing system. It can produce PDF bills ready for customers because of its built-in flexibility. Additionally, brokers can receive commission invoices based on either level or heaped commission structures.

In an exceptional headway for the business, transporters can now post computerized charges and acknowledge settlements through a web-based manager confronting the entryway. To approve electronic payments, employers simply log on, making the process even more convenient for groups and payers.

The AdminaHealth Billing Suite provides several significant advantages to carriers: improved cash flow through receivables management and electronic payments, faster time to market for worksite/voluntary benefit initiatives, increased data quality, and increased operational savings through automation.

With this most recent delivery, AdminaHealth proceeds with its obligation to convey white-glove backing to transporter accomplices, guaranteeing smooth progress to the AdminaHealth Charging Suite for Transporters and giving continuous help. Data Analysts, Implementation Managers, and Product Managers are all assigned to each carrier partner. Additionally, carrier partners can contribute to the product roadmap and get an early look at new capabilities. End-to-end automation is the billing industry’s future.

Robert A. Bull, CEO and Founding Member of AdminaHealth stated, “Our software solution revolutionizes how insurance carriers handle their premium billing process.” We give the skim way to coordinate current frameworks and computerize many transporter’s manual cycles so they can convey great help. Customers return, and brokers remain loyal because of straightforward and accurate billing. Now available is version 2.1 of the AdminaHealth Billing Suite for Carriers.

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