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AddingZeros: Your Guide to Achieving Exponential Growth

When you set out to achieve any goal in life it is imperative that you have a guiding hand that can assist you in figuring out the nooks and crannies of your niche. Having a guide can prove to be of great advantage as they can provide you with the appropriate tools, knowledge, and techniques to help you achieve your desired goal.

This applies to businesses and organizations as well. For firms to attain their objectives, they sometimes need a guiding hand to assist them in doing so. To provide for this very need, AddingZEROS came into existence.

AddingZEROS is a company that works with executives to achieve exponential growth, helping them scale in multiples rather than small percentage increases. The company provides organizations with the tools and the guidance to add zeros in every aspect of the business – revenue, margin, profit, customer acquisition, customer retention, employee engagement, employee retention, and community involvement.

Inception of Brilliance

AddingZEROS focuses on preparing organizations for the future by offering a three-fold promise: advance your career, transform your company, and achieve incredible results.

To keep these promises, AddingZEROS guides CEOs and executive teams in recognizing leadership qualities and management skills that they may not be maximizing. Secondly, they help organizations create and direct their desired culture, engagement and team alignment.

Lastly, the firm assists its clients in defining their organizational strategy (both short and long term) and prioritizing actions to attain their intended outcomes.

Monte Wyatt, the CEO and Organizational Development Facilitator at AddingZEROS says, “We hope that by having this conversation, we will be able to simplify some of the more difficult concepts. Strategy, Business Development, People, Execution, and Mission are five organizational disciplines that every business must have in order to truly grow and succeed. Every part of an organization must be related to and intertwined with these disciplines.”

Sustaining the Competitive Spirit

At AddingZEROS, the customer engagement process begins with a two-day strategy session with the CEO and management team. The method encourages talks in all areas of the business, teaches business leadership best practices, and then determines how to integrate the five disciplines into the company’s daily operations.

Following the completion of this two-day workshop, AddingZEROS offers executive development twice a month to assist with implementation, execution, leadership, and management development.

Following these sessions, an executive team meeting is held every 90 days to assess the previous 90 days and plan the upcoming 90. It aids in the establishment of clear priorities for an organization and its various departments.

Talking about the key aspects that makes AddingZEROS stand out in the cutthroat competition, Monte said, “A successful business is one that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection with its employees and consumers.”

“Our name clearly explains our purpose: AddingZEROS not only adds zeros to revenue and earnings but to all elements of the organization, including client acquisition, client retention, staff engagement, employee retention, and community involvement.”

Experienced Leadership

Expanding upon his journey in the industry and his contributions to the success of the firm, Monte said, “My career started with 14 years in global agricultural chemical manufacturing with time in sales, sales training, sales management, and marketing management. I gained experience in every aspect of the business, especially growing team members and their skill sets. With that in mind, I decided to create my own organization and make an impact in many industries and executive teams.”

“For the past 17+ years, I have been bringing clarity to how executives lead and manage their organizations. Not only do I work with clients on a daily basis, but I am also training executive development facilitators around the world. Our ‘Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning’ process is making great strides in many cultures, languages, and industries.”

“My desire is to influence and impact one million executives in the next ten years. We are well on our way, and it is exciting to see the energy and results,” added Monte.

Disruptive Markets

With so many things disrupting every business right now, Monte had this to say while explaining how AddingZEROS is helping organizations adapt to change, “When we discuss organizational strategy with our clients, we help bring clarity to four areas; the opportunity that the business chooses to fill, the leverage the organization can utilize to create long term efficiencies, the ease to scale or duplicate in other geographies or markets, and the marketability of a business or how easy is it to access their target audience and share their message.”

Additionally, he quoted, “A clear strategy defines how an organization will win. A clear strategy also brings clarity to how each employee can help achieve the company goals and results. Every organization must consider how technology will help their business create efficiencies and broaden their geographies and impact in today’s world.”

“You should stay consistent with where you’re going whereas how you get there and how fast you should adapt based on new technologies and new information may keep changing. In our first year, we became a global organization because of the time we invested in creating leverage points and scalability tools, and best practices,” Monte expressed.

Overcoming Adversities

Describing the situation brought about by the pandemic on the company and how AddingZEROS emerged successfully through it while ensuring the safety of its employees, Monte stated this, “During the peak of the pandemic, most companies sent their people home, and businesses had to adapt. We immediately went from face-to-face to Zoom and Teams meetings.”

“In this remote world, leadership and management are needed more than ever. Leadership creates passionate and focused team members, while management creates competent and productive team members. For ourselves and our customers, we had to adjust our leadership and management routines and behaviors.”

Adding further he said, “People need to be led. A true leader influences, motivates, and enables team members to open up their minds to new perspectives by instilling passion and spirit in them. This became a greater focus when remote. Results, focus, and accountability practices had to be re-evaluated and adapted to ensure that work was still getting done.”

Opinions that Matter

Advising budding entrepreneurs, executives, and those who aspire to have growth organizations, Monte had this to say, “To me, the most important aspect of life is learning. The more you learn, the easier and more prosperous your job and life becomes. The more you learn and execute on knowledge, success and achievement come your way. Learn how to lead, learn how to think, learn how to handle, conduct, and control yourself, your work approach, and processes. Your future self will appreciate you with a bright smile.”

Spearheading Towards Success

While talking about the company’s future endeavors, Monte said, “We have 30 facilitators operating in nine countries right now. We intend to expand both geographically and in terms of facilitators. Our primary goal is to positively impact executives by assisting them in developing their leadership and management abilities while also increasing staff retention, engagement, and financial success.”

“Our goal is to reach a million executives globally by 2030. Many firms will benefit from improved alignment, increased engagement, and amazing employee emotional connections when it happens. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for AddingZEROS.” concluded Monte.

Exhibiting True Excellence

  • “This has been one of the most productive experiences we have gone through. The process helped us see the big picture, was efficient, and they made it personal for our situation.” – National Bank Financing Company
  • “The Strategic Thinking Execution Planning process helped us go deep to the root causes of our problems, which pushed us to more clearly see our opportunities.” – Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer
  • “During our planning sessions, we are challenged to relook at how we perceive situations and opportunities. We are pushed to find positive outcomes through frustrating issues. They make complex topics simple.” – Chief Physician of Regional Medical Clinic
  • “The ongoing executive development process helped our team determine our leadership and management routines. We realized we have to be more intentional with how we lead our people and manage our processes.” – Regional Bank and Fintech Company
  • “Bringing in someone from the outside is always a good thing. We see ourselves one way, and the outside world sees us differently. The execution process helped us drive change in our behaviors, focus, actions, and ultimately our growth. We had to get out of our own way.” – Global Food Company
  • Best Selling Author “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat” Wall Street Journal and USA Today