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Adaptive learning through Artificial Intelligence

Why some students drop out? For a teacher it can be difficult to meet the learning needs of every student in the classroom. Every student is different and has different types of intelligence. Artificial intelligence systems simply adapt each student’s individual learning needs. The mapping of individual learning system along with Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science can enable a transparent growth of individuals. Through online learning systems, adults and working professionals get opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.
New way of learning!
AI is not only cost saving option of learning but it’s a new way of individual learning. It is not only limited to academics but it can also improve corporate training and make training programs better which leads to improve employee productivity, skills, and job satisfaction all at once. Another issue of poor employability, where AI can help in skilling and find existing core competencies of individuals and match with required skills and foster it. AI based learning systems thus can provide the much neglected psychomotor domain (skills) training by providing real-life scenarios through simulations.
One Size Does Not Fit All!
Different individuals learn in a different way and at a different pace and an adaptive program would be able to adjust a training program to those individual learning styles. Such learning program could transform a portion of written course into visuals which can prove a boon for learners as the impact of visual learning is far greater than any other medium.
Real time assessment
By quick assessment in real time with detailed feedback, it would be easier to categorize the students as good, average and weak. They can repeat the lessons as needed and can grow in their own learning pace with better understanding.  AI can help to automate the grading for all types of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks types of questions and more. Students are free to explore topics in depth, and test their knowledge in complex scenarios while learning through AI tutor. Instead of finishing the whole assignment and waiting on feedback from teacher instant feedback on performance can be received.
Changing the role of teachers:
The role of teacher may change due to new technology in the form of intelligent computing system but there will always be a need of teacher in education. Artificial intelligence in Education (AIEd) can help teachers find and share the best teaching resources, can take over tasks like grading, and can help students improve learning. Teachers can assist in better way to students who are struggling, and provide human interaction and hands-on experiences for students. AI will thus provide support to reduce teachers stress and workload.
Future of AI
We can see a future where role of teacher continues to evolve; where their expertise is augmented and we don’t see a future where Artificial intelligence in Education (AIEd) replaces teachers. In fact, it can help teachers to create more sophisticated learning environment and offers one to one tutoring to teachers as well. AIEd will provide better information, and personalized learning plans for individual learner that might be standing in the way of a learner’s progress. Use of AI can make Corporate training effective and productive, also employees better engaged with real world applications for new skills. Artificial Intelligence is a valuable solution for corporate trainings and has the potential to improve and change education systems across the world. Through AIEd, students can learn from anywhere in world and thus it can eliminate the need to actually go into classroom.