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Adam Spector: An Entrepreneur Adding Machine Learning Personalization to Product

Youth icon and one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of the twenty first century Mark Zuckerberg exclaimed “The budding entrepreneurs are those who work on the stuff that they are passionate about, as they don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”
The global market has been fortunately evolving with such passionate individuals. The entrepreneurial intelligence of youth has successfully driven the evolution in countless territories. The social technologies, in particular, have been revolutionized by such aspiring personalities. As the world is swarming with such entrepreneurs, branding a hard-wearing mark in the presiding fields is accurately praiseworthy. Adam Spector, the Co-founder and Co-Founder of LiftIgniter, is one prime example. LiftIgniter is a machine learning personalization API for mobile apps and websites that lead to more engaged, sticky, and high value users. Adam and his fantastic team have been the motorists behind the company’s success. The company provides its services across various sectors like media, e-commerce, enterprise B2B and more.
Charisma of a Passionate Entrepreneur
Adam is known as an optimistic leader who can communicate his vision in a concise, digestible, and actionable way. Adam’s innovative ideas, empowering strategies, and smart skills to execute action plans have resulted in success for LiftIgniter. He believes that to enable fantastic product, one need adaptable and capable teammates who are fascinated with the same set of ideas and challenges. Adam stated, “Passion about my product, my company and my team is what drives me. I work hard and enjoy being surrounded by people who don’t believe in 9-5s.”
The passion to build a valuable product and successful company are what motivates him. He has experience in creating and organizing companies and work different domains including: data science, machine learning/artificial intelligence, fraud/background screens/identity verification, E-Discovery, cloud technology, clean tech, and investing.
Preliminary Struggles and Motivations
Adam moved to Silicon Valley in 2010, and started working in business development partnerships of a startup company named Clearwell Systems. It was an e-discovery company that mainly focused on building e-discovery products. The startup gained enormous popularity, and was later acquired by Symantec for $400 million. Adam then started his own startup, an identity verification company, Virtrue, Inc. The startup was based on the idea of using social media and other big data platforms to verify identification. The idea of a global, universal and verifiable identity fascinated many companies especially in the emerging collaborative consumption economy – such as AirBnB and Lyft. Despite this, building a viable business around this idea was tough and the team decided to shut down the company and return money to investors.
Story of LiftIgniter Invention
Dr. Indraneel Mukherjee, was working in Google’s top machine learning research group. He saw the power of using machine learning personalization for higher engagement on YouTube and other Google properties. Recognizing a business opportunity, Dr. Mukherjee started LiftIgniter and recruited Adam Spector to join him as co-founder on the business side.
The solution utilized cutting edge data science to help publishers and retailers optimize their websites and mobile apps in real-time. Machine learning personalization put the perfect piece of content (video, article, item to buy) in front of the users with immediate effect. Customers can thereby easily integrate LiftIgniter via Javascript or via server-side APIs.
The company has grown from seven employees to twenty four employees. Since its inception it has facilitated organizational growth of many popular global brands, with an average of 80% improvements in click through rate (CTR), engagement, and conversation. A state-of-the-art personalization system is critical for any digital property that wants to retain their users and grow the business.
Versatility of an Individual and Catalyzing Factors

Adam has also contributed in fields like Sales, Business Development/Partnership, Online marketing/Demand Generation (SEO & SEM), Corporate Development, Mergers and acquisitions, strategy/research, Customer support, Financing, Legal advising and Marketing/PR management. He is a board member for a non-profit organization, the Coral Restoration Foundation, which focuses on rebuilding coral reefs throughout the world. CRF has received national press attention including from the New York Times, CNN, and Discovery Channel.

Adam states, “Honesty, trust, fun, a sense of urgency and mission are what I look for in colleagues and places I work.” He is often described by colleagues as energetic, positive, and optimistic leader. Another factor that stimulates Adam is the ability and willingness to fight hard for an idea – any idea can become reality. Tell the story, understand why buyers care, why employees should follow the vision, and build a company.

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