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Accordant Energy: Enabling Cleaner Coal Power Generation with Improved Environmental Performance

In an era where Energy production is creating chaos around the natural environment, Accordant Energy believes that economic and environmental benefits need not be mutually exclusive. Accordant is addressing resource scarcity, climate change and carbon-intense energy generation challenges by commercializing a technology that improves resource allocation by returning more recycled materials to the manufacturing stream, thereby displacing virgin materials and manufacturing a carbon negative solid fuel for combustion with coal or biomass. Summing up in one sentence, they are reinventing how municipal solid waste is recycled and reused to create a renewable solid fuel.
About the Company
Accordant Energy is an emerging clean technology company creating economic and environmental value by diverting municipal solid waste from landfills and delivering a unique, renewable solid fuel technology to the global power market.
Through its licensees and partnerships, Accordant deploys a patented technology to recover high value recyclables and organic matter from the mixed municipal waste stream and converts the remaining material, which to date has been disposed in landfills, into an engineered fuel, marketed under the trade name ReEngineered Feedstock, that can be co-fired with coal and biomass in power generation facilities, cement kilns and industrial boilers.
As a result of the substantial recycling recovery, landfill diversion and the greenhouse gas emission reductions the technology provides (and the renewable nature of the non-waste fuel feedstock) Accordant believes that its technology solution, ReEngineered Feedstock, is a true carbon negative non-waste fuel and cost effective solution for the Utility and Energy industry in industrialized and emerging economies.
About Leaders
The Founders, Paula Calabrese and Dr. Dingrong Bai, recognized that traditional waste-management practices discouraged solutions such as recovering recyclables from mixed waste streams and chemically and molecularly recombining non-recyclable wastes to produce renewable solid fuels because these solutions disrupted traditional, well established commodity and waste markets. They recognized that the growing volumes of waste required a disruptive solution to create economic and environmental value today, and to establish operating platforms to create value in the future that could be replicated across the global market. The Accordant technology was hence developed respecting the principles of the circular economy that strives to create economic, environmental and social value by avoiding landfill disposal, advancing recycling and reusing materials.
Given the economic, environmental and social importance of Accordant’s successful technology commercialization, the Accordant Board recruited Lawrence M. Clark, Jr. as Chief Executive Officer in November 2015 to lead the Company’s growth.  Mr. Clark has over 20 years experience with financial and strategic transactions in the energy and industrial sectors. Emerging companies with high-growth potential invariably face challenges scaling to meet market needs.  Under Larry’s and Paula’s leadership the Company is developing the infrastructure, operational efficiency, market segment strategies and strong analytical competencies to inform strategic decisions supporting the deployment of Accordant’s patented technology. They believe there are few areas where entrepreneurial success can deliver more benefits to the environment, economy and society at large. Accordant is well suited to deliver those benefits.
Investing in Its People
Accordant recognizes that people make the difference in driving innovation to discover breakthrough technologies and improve the economic and environmental performance of established technologies. Their strategy to continuously develop and commercialize low carbon technologies rests on their people and their agility. Accordant’s fundamentally important strategy is to harness technologies and intellectual capital, while remaining competitive. Their team of entrepreneurs, engineers, mathematicians, and technologists are active listeners, engaged with their licensees as well as with the end-users of ReEngineered Feedstock to understand the businesses and challenges and provide low carbon solutions.
Highly Acclaimed Novelties
Accordant Energy is known for its innovative solutions. The Company has 25 issued patents and more than 30 pending patents worldwide supporting specific pollution control capabilities in addition to a renewable, biogenic fuel feedstock are the proof of it. Among all the engineered solutions, Accordant’s ReEngineered Feedstock (ReEF), a patented, state-of-the-art technology focused on multi-pollutant emission control, is the most popular in the market.
The unique air pollution control capabilities of ReEngineered Feedstock target the reduction of sulfur, nitric oxide, hydrogen chloride, mercury and other hazardous air pollutants, which are important to coal combustion units. ReEngineered Feedstock, when co-fired with coal, can provide reductions of these hazardous air pollutants beyond the fuel switching benefit.
Future which will Advance Zero Waste Performance
Accordant is in two races:  the race to transform waste management practices to be both economically and environmentally sustainable; and the race to transform energy generation to cleaner, low carbon energy. “We are optimistic that together with our licensees, partners, vendors, waste processors and energy producers, we will win the races,” says the Accordant team.
As keeping the industry in “good grades” will require coordinated expansion and transition of assets to low carbon emitters, the beneficiaries of Accordant’s technology are effectively navigating a paradigm shift in resource recovery and renewable energy and are leveraging their approach to transfer new capabilities to an industrial operating platform that will advance zero waste performance.