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ABM Knowledgeware: India’s First Choice for e-Municipality & e-Governance solutions

The global e-government studies inevitably require the development of severe measures that represent the quality and level of e-government. Headquartered in Mumbai, ABM Knowledgeware is booming into the ERP domain by tackling the numerous drawbacks that arise associated with ERP implementation. With the exponential growth of this market, they have been designing solutions that focus exclusively on ERP implementation for E-Governance. Incorporated in 1993, ABM has engaged in discovering itself in the e-municipality segment since year 2000 with several successfully sustained projects, bringing 750+ urban & local (municipal) bodies and some of the major smart cities under its clientele. On the whole, ABM stands as a robust, scalable and sustainable ERP solution which offers value for money by reducing the cost of ownership and customization need for users.
ABM is a Bombay Stock Exchange listed (BSE:531161) company, and is one of the few IT companies in India which has 17 years long exclusive impulse on E-governance and undisputed leadership in e-Municipality. They have been the first choice by the major states of India for e-Municipality & e-Governance solutions. ABM is the frontrunner in enabling the e-governance services in India with several efficaciously sustained projects. Their various e-government solutions deliver 28+ million Citizen Services per year compared to 4.2 Million in 2010 and rising.
The Fascinating Leader of ABM
Prakash Rane, Founder and Managing Director, ABM Knowledgeware is a Degree and holds a PG Degree in Management Studies (M.M.S.) along with a superb academic record. Prakash has a vast experience in the field of e-governance. Under his stewardship, the company has attained a leadership position in the niche of e-governance in a short span of time. He has conceptualized various pioneering and efficacious strategic solutions in e-governance which have become a benchmark in the industry.
Prakash is a first generation entrepreneur who decided to start a business without any working experience. When he started his software business 19 years ago, the fledgling industry’s focus was on drumming up the business abroad while largely overlooking the Indian Government as a potential customer.
While describing his journey, he says, “For me, wealth is a combination of Leadership + Credibility + Profits. I consider values such as Truth, Accountability, Gratitude, Integrity and Family of utmost importance while doing my business. I believe if a person cannot stand for anything in business, in life then he/she carries a risk of falling for everything. I have realized the importance of knowing what I don’t know and continually strive to learn. As in June 2017, from the past 17 years (post listing on BSE), our market capitalization has grown over 140 times and employee strength has grown 130 times.”
Exceptional Services with Innovative Models
ABM MAINet®: It is an integrated ERP that can manage the entire working of a typical municipality (Corporation or Council) of any size. It encompasses all Citizen-facing services and work handled by every department of a municipality. It can be implemented statewide by the Urban Department for all ULBs in the state or individually by a distinct Urban Local Body. It is designed & developed by ABM with a meticulous study of municipal councils /corporations processes and incorporates the best practices to create a truly e-governed municipality.
GRP: It is an ERP for Government/ Semi-Government and Public Sector Organizations. Built with an objective to run a paperless office in all its administrative transactions, GRP is an indigenous ‘integrated office automation system for government and other government bodies.’ It helps both state and central government organizations and other bodies, to transfer to an end-to-end digitized enterprise. It tremendously improves service delivery by automating Accounts &Finance, Project Management and Stores & Purchase, HRMS, Payroll and Pension, Land & Estate Management and reduces operating costs.
SAP Practice: In addition to the in-house built ERPs, ABM has SAP practices that benefit in covering core functions of e-governance for government bodies. It boasts of some of the largest SAP implementations in Asia in the urban sector.  They have also implemented SAP in 377 municipalities across Madhya Pradesh state in India which is one of the biggest SAP implementations anywhere in India in Urban Sector.
Outstandingly Outlined Strategy for guiding clients
ABM functions in the domain of automating Government processes, and has developed deep domain knowledge by adding substantial value to improved transparency and efficiency within same government system post its automation. In other sectors, where ABM can be distinguished are the addressing of the challenges faced by Government customers viz. Change Management and “Staying Live” after “Going Live.”
Hence ABM is more into Business Model Innovation rather than Product or Tech innovation, and is dedicated to productize its services to blend its techno-functional skills to create entry barriers for competition. In accordance with technology, ABM remains compliant with the standards specified by Digital India guidelines with a required focus on “Digital” framework.
“ABM’s deep techno-functional expertise, the experience of handling mega-sized projects with 1 lac plus users and hundreds of locations are key factors that make us unique and well equipped in addressing the challenges”, says Prakash Rane, Founder & MD, ABM.
Accelerating Future Cravings
ABM effectively evaluates the upcoming technologies for its fitment to its solutions and client’s need, and takes pragmatic decisions of incorporating the same from time to time. It also covers Double Entry Accounting Reforms and Automation, Water Billing and Accounting Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Tourism Portal, Right To Service Automation, Mobile Apps, Cybersecurity, etc.
ABM has also developed skills required for enabling ‘Change Management’ during and after “Go Live” of its implementation. They aim to provide digitized services to citizens to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.
They are also currently focusing on ‘Cyber Security’ to enable users to work faster with a highly secure, yet simple to use remote access solution. ABM is striving to enhance the offerings by constantly upgrading the technology and plans to offer GRP/ABM MAINet® as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and also leverages its experience of ERP implementation and support in similar opportunities.
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