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AAA Freight Services LLC

AAA FREIGHT SERVICES – A Trusted Global Partner in Integrated Chemical Logistics and Supply Management

The globalization of markets has brought the world’s businesses closer than ever before. Businesses are thriving by having several mediums and options to source the required materials and logistics from all over the world. Raw materials and other essential resources can now be exported and imported to and from any corner of the world with the help of logistics partners.

Logistics and supply management businesses are the backbones of global markets. Finding a trustable logistics partner is important for businesses to have a sustainable solution on a long-term basis.

The sourced material can be of any type, shape, and size. To handle it safely and ship it to the intended location requires a logistics firm that has the expertise. The essential equipment, systems, and expert team should also be in place to carry out the task with the utmost care.

One such firm is AAA Freight Services LLC. It has established itself as a globally trusted logistics partner for years. The company offers logistics services for businesses in every corner of the world. It offers a varied range of solutions, including logistics, removals, project forwarding, warehousing, and distribution.

Company Overview

Established in 2006, AAA Freight Services is led by Mohammad Ashraf, the Chairman, with a high-performance team committed to passionately serving customers in various aspects of operations. It is an integrated logistics provider specialized in a wide range of warehousing, transportation, and supply chain management solutions.

It now has a 23,000-square-meter state-of-the-art warehousing facility for Chemical and General cargo designed for storage facility of hazardous goods which caters to a wide segment of the market. The company’s headquarters are in Dubai-UAE, with offices in JAFZA and Abu Dhabi.

The company provides customized services in the following areas:

Freight Forwarding

AAA Freight Services is a renowned company for delivering high-quality road transport, sea, and air freight services, as well as providing fully integrated warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment solutions for the B2B, B2C, and e-commerce sectors.

AAA’s Freight solutions offer the flexibility to meet a variety of transit requirements while allowing to manage of transportation costs effectively. The team provides professional handling services for sea freight (less-than-container and full-container loads), heavy loads, and transportation of hazardous goods, as well as special solutions for automotive, fashion, healthcare, and food, thus providing door-to-door services.

As a large volume handler, the company is in a position to offer customers extremely competitive freight rates across multiple locations. With its strong team of international alliances, it aims to be the one-stop service provider to ensure effective and practical solutions to tailor customer requirements.

Chemical Warehousing and Distribution

AAA Freight Services excels in providing chemical storage, warehousing, and logistics services, leveraging the experience in storing and handling flammable and hazardous chemicals.  Quality and efficiency are the by-words for every aspect of its operations.

Advanced safety, environmental protection, quality control systems, and strict adherence to industry standards and regulations ensure uncompromising safety and quality. AAA Freight handles the full range of chemicals, including flammable, corrosive, toxic, and temperature-sensitive products. The company’s goal is to harmonize its services with customers’ specifications in such a way that they obtain the maximum value-added benefits.

Temperature Controlled Storage Solution

Utilizing its industry experience in this sector, AAA is able to provide an extensive supply chain solution for several industries for temperature-controlled storage solutions for Beverage Logistics. Its specialized service, including picking and packing, meets a wide range of customer requirements. Customers partner with AAA Freight Services for all their distribution and warehousing needs in order to reduce costs while maximizing efficiency.

As a supply chain specialist, it handles the inbound clearance, storage, and distribution for its respective customers. The company is reckoned in the market to provide dedicated warehousing and fulfilment services for customers seeking a customized facility tailored to their specific needs.

Project Logistics/Oil & Gas Logistics

AAA Freight provides logistics support that includes heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo movements for capital projects, oil and gas projects, and marine services. The highly trained team develops route plans, cost modeling, and project-support tools vital to customers with complex movements that require careful staging, sequencing, and coordination.

AAA Project Logistics is experienced in delivering equipment and supplies, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy-lift transport as per customer demands, which is solely by the team’s commitment, flexibility, and experience.

The services offered vary from full charter/part charter, Multi-Modal Transport, and special equipment transport, backed by the Freight negotiation skills and administrative support (custom clearance and trade documentation) extended by the AAA team.

In terms of Oil & Gas Logistics, the support extended by the AAA team is drawn by core competencies in the supply chain, offshore, and agency services complemented by a portfolio of integrated shipping, logistics, and marine solutions.

Lashing, Crating, and Packaging Services

AAA’s packing division provides bespoke solutions, listening to customer requirements and designing the packing to the specific needs. AAA Freight Services is engaged in providing packing and crating of pre-shipment goods for both industrial and commercial, for different modes of transportation by Air, Sea, and Land.

The company delivers on its promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for money, quality, continuity, innovation, and maximum reach, offering services in specialized materials handling services, surface transportation, pipe/yard management, lashing and securing services, warehousing, and (project) cargo management.

Market Reputation

The company is backed up by an impeccable track record in the local market. Its reputation for reliability, integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness has been well recognized by clients. AAA’s team possesses solid experience in various aspects of logistics. Its solutions are flexible and customized in order to easily fulfill its clients’ requirements.

Highly Efficient Team

AAA has evolved into a sophisticated enterprise by deriving strength from its disciplined and highly efficient team. The AAA management possesses solid background backed by the key team comprising of Aijaz, Aizaz and Aifaz who handle different verticals in the business along with many other dedicated staff. It is guided by a distinct vision and a goal-oriented mission. Its team boasts in-depth market knowledge and a deep understanding of logistics & supply chain management. They sustain an intense focus on customer and service excellence.

Vision and Mission

AAA’s vision is to provide secure, practical, intelligent, and durable logistics and supply chain management solutions for the benefit of all types of businesses. It aims to be the pioneer in the Warehousing and Logistics industry and evolve into a distinct global player and contribute exponentially to the growth and development of the industry.

The company’s mission is to elevate its excellence level to world-class by continuously enhancing its facilities and offering superior, innovative warehouse and logistics solutions. It focuses on delivering dependable and reasonably priced Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions to maximize customer value.

To accomplish its mission, the company follows below steps –

  1. Deploys smart technologies
  2. Adapts the best practices
  3. Adhere to the highest standard of ethics
  4. Continually integrate the principles of excellence

Expansion Plans

Engaging for impact followed by adapting proactively to changes gives AAA the result of delivering reliably. The company is planning to further expand its services both locally and internationally.

On the local front, ICAD- Abu Dhabi and Dubai South (DWC)- Dubai are the two locations that are intended to be built in 2022 and 2023. Whereas on the global front, it is looking at the opening office in the United Kingdom and Uzbekistan, which are currently in the initial stage of establishment.