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A Step Worth Noticing; The Open Source Hardware Association Certification will help Buyers

The movement that started in 1959 of open source technology has written of another chapter in its book. This time, OSHA decided to provide certification for the products of open source hardware producing companies. The certification will add more benefits to customers as they will have more ways to access, copy and develop these products. For the certification of the products, the hardware creators will have to provide a bill of materials list, schematics, design file, datasheets of the product and other documents. This product includes circuit boards, electronics, 3D printed cases and processors etc.
The work of uniting Open Source Hardware Association started four years ago. Alicia Gibb, who took the idea of OSHA to its peak, was able to see the achievements of OSHA in recent years. Alicia Gibb said in her recent blogs, “The ethos and commitment required for Open Source Software successful creation will be performed for the same in the case of Open Source Hardware, let it be processors, circuit boards, machines or anything else.”  Developers all around the globe will able to share, tweak, updates and change product hardware designs, which will foster, a much needed for hardware society. OSHA has already achieved its initial goal of certification of Open Source Hardware.
Raspberry Pi and Arduino board’s popularity in the market has strengthened the OSHA even more. The likes of Intel and Sparkfun are openly endorsing the organization. OSHA will further focus on the creation of IoT and electronic gadgets. Users will able see how the products actually work as it creates further curiosity among buyers. Users will able to view products privacy features and compatibility tools so they could customize the given product themselves. The OSHA has recently certified products from different products such as BeagleBone Black Wireless and SparkFun. The OSHA has started building its community with its Open Hardware Summit.
We all hope, the marvelous step won’t get unnoticed by Hardware organizations which will bring about a revolution in the Hardware industry like Open Source Software industry.