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A Product Launch: 5 Top Tips for Success

Developing a product is only one half of creating a new product. For a business to generate a big return on its investment, it must successfully launch and promote a product to its target market.
A product launch can make or break a brand. If you want to grab attention and get people excited about your new item, you must carefully plan the event and execute your ideas well. Give your product the best chance of success by reading these five top tips.
Host a Product Launch Event
Get tongues wagging about your latest product by planning an unforgettable launch event. To do so, you must pick a venue that complements your product, such as launching a technology item at a spot that is commonly used for various IT and technology shows. Also, host an event in a central location to prevent your attendees from enduring a lengthy commute, which could lead to empty seats.
Plus, you could entertain your attendees by hiring one or more product launch acts. For example, you could wow guests with revolving aerialists, shadow shows, acrobatic acts, an LED glow show, and more. Find an act to complement your brand by clicking here:
Incorporate Social Media Platforms
Generate a buzz about a new product by incorporating various social media platforms into a launch event. Promote it on the networks your target audience is most active on each day, which can increase brand engagement and sales. Plus, you could spread the word about the launch event by creating a simple hashtag and use the same one on each platform for consistency.
Promote a Giveaway Contest
Grow your brand awareness and increase product sales by running a giveaway contest. It could encourage social shares, engagement, and your follower count, as many people will be eager to secure your exciting new product or tickets to a launch event for free. Encourage social media visitors to like, share, and comment on the contest post to increase your brand’s reach and recognition.
Produce Pre-Launch Videos
Build excitement by producing professional pre-launch videos, which could include sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and promotional ads. It could increase interest in an upcoming product and convince a prospective customer to purchase it once it is released.
Time an Event Right
Timing is important when holding a product launch event. Hosting on the release date or a few days before will ensure anticipation is at its peak, which will increase the likelihood of attendees placing an order. Leave it too long, and you could lose your target audience’s interest. For this reason, time an event for no more than two weeks before your product’s release date.
Also, you could time a product launch to coincide with a public holiday. For instance, if you believe it could make a great Christmas gift, schedule the launch a few months ahead of the season. Don’t forget to factor in industry peak times when choosing a release date, too.

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