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A Great Technology Never sells itself, It sells Dreams

3D Printing!
One of the most intriguing pieces of technology since 1980s! Yes! It’s not a new technology; back in 1981 Hideo Kodama of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute published his account of a functional rapid-prototyping system using photopolymers. Since then the technology slowly entered in its adolescent years (1999-2010).
Entering the millennium was definitely a thrilling part, especially for people like me, who were born in the 1990s and before. However, I don’t know about you guys, at that point of time I was completely clueless of this technology. Yes! I know many people can start trolling me for my ignorance, but the fact is, 3D printing started mainstreaming recently and more and more people became aware of it only after 2010.
So, enough of the off topic discussion, let’s come back to the topic. 3D printing in the medical field can be easily used in order to produce customized prosthetics limbs. Currently, those who are in need for prosthetic limbs often have to wait for weeks, even months in order to get prosthetics through traditional routes. However, 3D printing speeds up the whole process, and costs much lesser than the traditionally manufactured prosthetics while keeping the same functionality.
Due to the lower price point, 3D printed prosthetic is apt for children, who outgrow their limbs quickly. The best part is, a patient can also design his/her prosthetic limb as per the need and fittings.
Printing patient specific organ replicas that can be used to practice before performing complicated surgeries is another application of 3D printing. Eventually this technique is helpful in order to speed up surgeries and minimize trauma for patients. Slowly this practice is becoming popular and this has been performed successfully in various critical operations including full face transplant or spinal procedures.
However, such innovations in the 3D printing industry wouldn’t be possible without its main players. Therefore in order to acknowledge some of the greatest contributors of excellence in 3D printing space, Insights Success has shortlisted The 10 Most Innovative 3D Printing Solution Providers, 2019
Our Cover Story features Elkem Silicones which is a trusted partner delivering products and services with a personal touch for a more sustainable future.
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