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9 SaaS Solutions Every Startup Needs

Software as a service (SaaS) is growing as an industry and taking over huge parts of the economy.

And, the term SaaS is becoming extremely popular in tech these days, for good reason. While it might initially sound quite complicated, you may be surprised to hear that chances are, you’re using a SaaS product every day without even realizing it. From the app that streams your favorite movies and TV shows to your email app, SaaS is shaping and taking over our lives in many different ways.
The rapid rise of technology is the driving reason behind the increase in SaaS solutions, with anyone and everyone able to develop software, even without much a budget. And with billions of people with internet access today, reaching your target audience is easier than ever before. Here are some different types of SaaS solutions that every small business should have.

Web and App Development

Firstly, no startup is going to get very far in the modern business world without a website, or in some cases, an app. Even if your company doesn’t sell products online, your website is the central hub for your online presence and provides your potential and existing customers with a place to go to learn more about your company, find out what you offer, get in touch, or sign up to your email newsletter. There are tons of different SaaS products available for web development, including platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to spread the word about your business and engage with both potential and existing customers. You can use a SaaS email marketing tool to segment your recipients into various lists based on a range of different factors such as whether or not they have purchased from your before, how many purchases they have made, how and when they have interacted with your campaigns in the past, and much more.


While you may be able to get away without customer relationship management (CRM) during the early stages of your business, this type of software is something that is quickly going to become essential as time goes on and your company starts to grow. Eventually, you will find it more and more difficult to use spreadsheets and other similar methods of tracking customer data, and you will want powerful software that can be accessed from any device and updated in real-time to ensure that everybody has access to the latest updates on customers and leads and that customers are getting the best possible experience whenever they interact with your brand.

SEO Tools

Did you know that Google makes a couple of changes to its core ranking algorithms almost every single day? Yes – other than the big changes that make the industry headlines, Google are always making tweaks here and there – meaning that your SEO has to be constantly reviewed and updated in order to keep up and ensure that you are getting the best results from the efforts that you put in. Simple SaaS solutions tools like RoboAuditor are ideal for scanning your website and providing you with a comprehensive, detailed SEO audit that you can use to devise a data-driven strategy to ensure that your website is as visible as possible online.

Team Collaboration

With more and more of the world’s workforces moving to remote working, there have never been so many SaaS solutions tools for team collaboration as there are right now. Whether your team works from a central office or is stationed in various areas working remotely, you can never have too many tools to help your team better communicate and get the best results when working together on projects. Slack, for example, is a very user-friendly SaaS solutions company communication tool that allows you to create various chat rooms for different departments and teams, easily collaborate on tasks together and send private messages, helping everybody avoid endless emails.


Chances are, your startup is going to be using more than one SaaS solutions. And, many SaaS solutions products can easily be integrated with each other in order to get the best results from each individual. For example, you can integrate your WooCommerce website with your inventory software, which can then be integrated with your accounting software so that each time a customer makes a purchase on your website they are automatically updated. A great tool that you can use to sync the different tools that you use is PieSync. You can use it to sync contacts from an email provider such as Outlook with your Mailchimp email lists and much more.


Gone are the days of business bookkeeping in a paper ledger. Today, SaaS solutions include powerful, automated accounting software that you can use to keep accurate financial records and get a clear picture of your business’s financial history and current financial situation at a glance, with just a couple of clicks. Software programs like Quickbooks make it easier than ever for small business owners on a budget to do their own accounting with a much lower risk of errors, or they can be used in conjunction with hiring a professional accountant.

Social Media Management

Today, it’s rare to see a modern business that isn’t on social media. But manually posting to various social media channels every day quickly becomes a time-consuming task that is easily overlooked. Thankfully, SaaS solutions tools like Hootsuite allow you to easily create and maintain an effective social media presence for your brand by allowing you to schedule posts on all social media channels and track mentions and comments for easier engagement.


Finally, no business owner can expect their company to grow if they are not closing enough sales. And, there is certainly no shortage of SaaS solutions sales tools out there that you can use to attract more new clients and customers to your company and close the deal. Salesmate is one such example that is a very popular choice with growing businesses, offering a range of features such as complete sales activity tracking, deal management, contact management, mobile compatibility, and secure data storage.
Which SaaS solutions products could your small business not do without?

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