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9 Critical Productivity Resources for Busy Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, productivity is vital for your success—lifestyle, technology, habits, and discipline matter.

All of us seem to get busier day by day. Despite technology being our ‘Knight in Shiny Armor’, making everything more accessible, we continue to be busy. We use the term “I’m busy” as a badge of honor. If you’re not eventful, you’re acting like a lazy person, and laziness is the very opposite if you want to be a tycoon. However, keeping yourself busy for countless uninterrupted hours doesn’t mean you’re proficient.
The truth is, you require systems to determine what works best for you, to do things slowly. But with extra attention, to adapt the proper habits that will improve your productivity in the long term.
But some professionals, such as entrepreneurs or business owners, usually have many goals to accomplish in little time. On prime of that, they don’t have much time to research or discover the perfect resources to be more fecund. That means they don’t progress and often get overwhelmed. Luckily, that can get fixed.
Here’s a quick and straightforward guide on the resources and ways you can adapt to reclaim your freedom and time, focus more efficiently, and do meaningful work.
Use a Learning Management System – LMS
Successful and productive people never stop learning. Continuous learning and research are crucial to staying up-to-the-mark with the latest technology trends and market laws. A culture of learning encourages productivity. Luckily, there are various elearning training and development options available for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve the skills of their employees.
For their teams, some learning management systems offer training programs. By utilizing an LMS, performance, and progress can be measured. Just be sure to use the right Learning Management System because its results will boost your company’s productivity in the long haul.
Furthermore, if you’re planning on expanding your studies, that’s a great idea. Traditionally, countless business schools with MBA programs require their candidates to attach their Graduate Management Admissions Test, GMAT for admission. Thankfully, working professionals like you can go for an online MBA no GMAT required programs. That is your ticket to returning to school and leaving with an advanced brain for business.
Use Time Blocks – Know When You’re Most Active
If you struggle with prioritizing or focusing on tasks, time blocks may be a gamechanger for you.
These are tiny blocks of scheduled time throughout entrepreneurs day (for instance, Answer emails, 9:00 – 9:30 am). During each block, you focus on one specific task and close your ears and eyes to everything else. That helps you practice maximum efficiency, ensuring that you cross off all the day’s essential tasks.
Filter Ideas
Steve Jobs was well-praised for being slightly fierce in his leadership and management approach. Intolerant of lousy ideas and demanding of his employees – but he got great results. One of entrepreneurs impressive productivity hacks was filtering out everything that wasn’t an excellent idea. Other than that, Steve used to make a list of 100 thoughts on corporate retreats on “how Apple could rally in the next year.”
He would instantly cross out anything he thought was useless and then kept crossing until entrepreneurs had a “top 10 best list” – you could do the same for your business. Instead of wasting time playing paper ball in your office, encourage “brainstorming” and create a list of everything that comes to you and your employees. Pick a plan that’s going to do wonders and lead with it.
Implement Accountability
It’s incredible how public accountability can uplift our spirits.
Therefore, set goals, even if it is just your what-to-do-today list for the week/day. Then, please share them with a colleague/employee or your friend. Knowing that you will have to report back and provide a response for not completing those goals might add the additional incentive you need to see them through.
To prevent mental burnouts, you should take a break sometimes; unplug from everything that causes disturbance. It may mean turning off your smartphone each evening, taking an extended vacation each year, and ignoring entrepreneurs weekend emails.
When you’re an entrepreneur, being “on” seems like a necessary thing. However, this can stifle your creative flow and influence your effectiveness. Therefore, take time to unwind regularly – your brain (and business) will appreciate you.
Build your Village.
If you’re familiar with Batman, then you know he takes pride in himself for being a loner. Still, there are times when he requires Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Robin, and the Justice League’s assistance. In simpler words, Mr. Wayne (entrepreneur) has a specialized team around him to help whenever he needs them.
To maintain your sanity and complete tasks with perfection, you also need to surround yourself with a team of professionals. Your allies mean everyone from employees and partners who will pick up the pace whenever needed. It’s much easier to have these individuals in your circle instead of anxiously finding them when in need.
You know where your strong points lie (and what you do that moves your business towards success), but entrepreneurs are not always in the right headspace to handle menial tasks.
Therefore, if menial tasks are eating up your precious time, hire someone to do them for you. Get help from a freelancer site or a part-time assistant to cross them off your list.
Do not Multitask
As an entrepreneur, your weeks are bizarrely busy. When probable, though, discourage multitasking and put entrepreneurs focus on the job at hand.
When you’re being pulled in a million directions daily, it is easy to bounce from one task to another. However, this is not enough – jobs are left incomplete and open, or mistakes are likely to happen because of simple oversight. But if you tend to stay focused on one task until it completes, you’ll come out stronger and more productive than ever.
Acknowledge the Power of ‘No’
Only spare your time for the most worthwhile duties, which help you achieve your goals. Sometimes, this may mean pulling stops on new projects, responsibilities, or clients that will not grow you on the track you want. 
It may come off as a shock but being less busy is now a lifestyle. It’s also a measured tactic in being highly productive.
And you can know how to reclaim your time, take it by storm, and get more things done in less time – all these results from adopting the above-said tips. Sadly, we tend to keep ourselves busy with unnecessary items. But if you recognize that time is money, you wouldn’t waste a second. Therefore, start implementing these tips, and it’ll feel like turning a new leaf.

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