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8fdsaIs Purchasing Cannabis Grow Equipment a Good Investment?

If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, or perhaps someone living in your household needs it for medical use, you might be considering purchasing grow equipment and learning how to go about growing marijuana plants yourself. 
The cost for top-quality grow equipment can burn a hole in your wallet and there is a chance of failing to succeed. Many things can go wrong during the grow cycle, so there is a chance you could end up with dead cannabis plants. So many people decide not to take on the challenge and opt to buy weed online or at their local dispensary. Most dispensaries, both online and physical stores, contain high-quality weed so is it worth the risk of investing in a lot of expensive gear to get the growing process started? Many believe it is worth the gamble with recent statistics showing sales of indoor cannabis growing equipment increasing during the global pandemic. 

Growing can Save you Money

If you frequently consume cannabis, you might have noticed that you have been spending vasts sums of cash on marijuana products in the dispensary. Even with all the competition out there, weed is not cheap. This is one of the main reasons why people start growing cannabis plants from home. 
Many people get put off by the initial setup costs. Top-of-the-range grow equipment is not cheap, in fact, neither is middle-of-the-road equipment. However, do your calculations and see what you spend on marijuana each year. Get a quotation for LED lights, the grow tent, soils, nutrients, seeds, and whatever else you need to grow with and add up the total. Try and calculate how much your utility bills will cost once you have the lights on for long hours each day. You will probably need to tend to the plants for an hour each day, and the plants generally take 10 weeks to harvest. Think about what you make per hour in your job, let’s take $15 as an example. From the day you germinate the seeds to the day you harvest the plants, it will cost a total of $1,050 to pay yourself. After you have made your estimation, consider if it is really worth the money. 
One important thing to keep in mind is the next time you start the growing cycle, you can use all the same equipment. You can use clones from the plant you have first, so you can avoid purchasing new seeds. Any soil leftover can be reused also. 
Tip: Try and avoid purchasing all-in-one grow boxes: Novice growers are often attracted by these packages, as they make it simple to start the growing process. They normally include a tent, fans, pots, nutrients, and sometimes even seeds. However, if you do a bit of research you can more than likely purchase better quality equipment separately for less money. 

There are plenty of opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry is enormous at the moment. If you get good at growing cannabis at home, you might find your new hobby opens up some doors for a new job. You might be pleasantly surprised how many jobs are out there in the legal cannabis industry today such as: 

  • Budtender: You will come across a “budtender’’ in a cannabis dispensary. These employees are available to help customers choose what cannabis products they should purchase and are normally very informative. In reputable dispensaries, you can expect incredible customer service and extremely helpful “budtenders”.
  • Vaporizer Retailer: People don’t just vape nicotine products you know! There are plenty of vape pens designed to help people consume either dried herb or cannabis oil. The marijuana vaping industry is massive, and there are plenty of jobs available in sales and customer service.
  • Delivery guy: Most dispensers and online stores offer a delivery service. Although you don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how to cultivate cannabis, it is a job that is widely available in the industry, especially now during the ongoing pandemic. To help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, experts advise us to stay at home. Instead of physically going to a marijuana dispensary, many customers shop for weed online or make contact with their local dispensary to have their cannabis delivered to their door.
  • Cannabis Harvester: If you have grown good cannabis successfully at home, getting paid to harvest marijuana plants might sound like the dream occupation. However, you will be expected to carry out several different tasks including trimming, packaging and growing top-quality marijuana. Understand that becoming a professional marijuana harvester is a lot more labor-intensive and very physically demanding in comparison to growing weed in your bedroom!

For most of these jobs, you’ll want to know the product inside out. There are a lot of people banging on the door of these businesses seeking employment, so keep in mind that it is a very competitive industry when it comes to finding work. 

You will learn a lot about Cannabis

Any person on this planet, with very little to no knowledge whatsoever, can successfully grow a cannabis plant. All they need to do is put marijuana seeds into the soil and if they are lucky, they can come back a few months later to seed a plant ready to harvest. The problem people face is being able to grow good cannabis. 
To understand how to grow quality weed plants you need to do a lot of research. Although a lot of the time it is down to trial and error, have knowhow is key to creating sweet-tasting, dense buds. Luckily enough, there is lots of information easily accessible on the internet. Streaming sites like YouTube have plenty of tutorials uploaded on the service that makes it a lot easier to understand how to grow. There are lots of websites with information on what grow equipment you should use, details on all strains, what nutrients you need, etc. It has never been a better time in history for novice growers to learn how to grow weed.
Cannabis consulting grow stores often have employees willing to share their information on how to successfully grow. They can normally point you in the right direction when it comes to soils, lights, and seeds. 


The problem that many people who consume cannabis have, is they can never be sure what is in their weed. Even purchasing cannabis products from a reputable dispensary, you can never be 100% what is in it. If you grow indoors from home yourself, you are in complete control of the plant’s environment such as the temperatures, the amount of light the plant is exposed to, and lots of other aspects. You are also in full control of what soil you want to use, what nutrients go into the plants, how much water they get, and when is the right time to harvest them. All these aspects can alter the potency of the buds, so being in control means you can only blame yourself if something goes wrong.
Although it is rare, some cannabis sold in dispensaries has been grown with dangerous chemical products. 
For lots of people, purchasing marijuana grow supplies is a great investment, but keep in mind there will be a lot of work involved. To successfully grow, you will need to be dedicated and have the time on your hands.