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How to Get Cannabis Cultivation License

Cannabis cultivation is quickly rising as one of the top industries in the U.S. This is due to the implementation of legal cannabis, which has increased the demand from the consumer side of the market. The continuous growth of the Cannabis cultivation industry has inspired the entry of more players in the market, making it a more competitive field.
Of course, since Cannabis cultivation is still a burgeoning field, there’s still a lot of confusion with the rules and regulations that govern the practice. If you’re interested in entering the market as a business player, you need to learn Cannabis cultivation down to the nitty-gritty details. Start your path to being a top Cannabis cultivator by researching more about the business now!

How Much Marijuana Can You Grow?

Although people are allowed to use Cannabis in around 30 states, not all of those permit home grows and cultivation. Depending on the state where you reside, there are different growth limits to your maximum Cannabis supply.
A person residing in Arizona may cultivate up to 12 plants if they live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary, while any adult resident of Colorado is allowed to grow up to 6 plants regardless of their distance from an existing dispensary. If you’re a licensed cultivator, you can even grow as much as 100,000 square feet under a canopy in selected states.
If you’re planning on using it for yourself, you may not need to apply for a Cannabis business cultivation license anymore. However, if you want to cultivate Marijuana for business, it would be better to seek a cultivation license to maximize the amount of Cannabis you can plant per area. Regardless if you are just doing a small scale or a large-scale cultivation, only adults over the age of 21 may grow, process, possess, or transport these plants in selected states.

Types of Cannabis Cultivation License

In general, there are five types of licenses that you can apply for if you want to establish a Cannabis cultivation business:

  • Retail store license

This type of license gives you the right to purchase Cannabis from cultivation facilities and other retail stores, as well as sell these products to other consumers.

  • Distributor license

This license allows people to transport Marijuana from one establishment to another, like from a product manufacturing facility to a retail store.

  • Product manufacturing facility license

When you have this license, you can purchase, manufacture process, and package Marijuana, as well as sell them to other manufacturing facilities. However, you cannot directly sell Cannabis to consumers. Some of the Marijuana products you can sell to other companies include tinctures, ointments, and edibles.

  • Testing facility license

This license allows you to test Marijuana products for side effects, potency, and possible contaminants.

  • Cultivation facility license

When you have this type of license, you’re allowed to grow cannabis, process, and package it, have them tested, and sell them to retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and other cultivation sites. However, you cannot directly sell these to customers.
There are existing tiers in Marijuana cultivation scene. It goes from Tier 1 (where you can grow up to 5,000 square feet) to Tier 11 (where you can grow up to 100,000 square feet). People are granted license tiers depending on their qualifications, ability to meet the necessary requirements and the demonstration of its ability to sell 85% of their products consistently.

How You Can Get Cannabis Cultivation License

Are you interested in being formal Cannabis cultivators? If you’re looking into being licensed as an official Cannabis cultivator, you will need to submit and pass a couple of requirements.
For example, you have to give information about your business, interest holders, operating premises, waste disposal plan, inventory, quality control, security, and transportation system. Once you’re able to secure the documents regarding these requirements, you need to fill out a State Cannabis Cultivation License application, send over your cultivation plan, and send personal details about you and your partners’ criminal history.
Authorities are strict when it comes to granting licenses in this field. You need to be prepared and have a clear plan for your business before you even think about applying for a Cannabis cultivation license.
Are you interested in being a Cannabis cultivator? Are you looking into finding employment opportunities in this industry? If you are, look up more about Cannabis cultivation licensing now and see how you can fit into the picture as an advocate!

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