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Easy Ways to Make Money

Money is what is always lacking. Fortunately, in our time, there are many options to get additional income. Our parents had to be content with a standard salary. After all, any modern ways to earn extra money many years ago were either illegal or simply could not have occurred to anyone. For example, the resale of goods was considered speculation; anything hand-made was not held in high esteem. If the Soviet citizens decided to tell others about their diet (as bloggers do or give advice on optimizing space), they would be considered crazy. There are several proven easy ways to make money online:

1.Earnings on Your Site

You can make money on sites. Before the first more or less serious earnings, it will take from 6 to 12 months. Everyone can create a personal website, and there is nothing complicated about it! In short, you need to choose a niche that interests you. Publish content that is interesting to users, which will be better than that of your competitors. You can get some first money at to buy some stuff at the start.

The path to the first normal earnings will not be easy. They will want to give up everything and abandon their plans. If you sell direct advertising or send traffic to affiliate programs, then earnings can be many times higher. Whoever can do it will be able to count on good and almost passive income in such an easy way to make money.

2.Making Money on Your Social Account Networks

Until the first normal sum of money, you will need to work from 3 to 6 months. Now Instagram, Telegram, TikTok are very popular. You can also work on FB. Within a few months, you need to collect a large subscriber base in order to start advertising services or products to them.

How much can you earn? The larger your subscriber base, the more your earnings. Although if your account has a large percentage of audience engagement (likes, reposts, comments, etc.), then you will make money with a thousand subscribers.


This profession is available to everyone, and it is quite easy to start making money in it. No need to buy special equipment and master complex programs. Basic skills and knowledge that you will need at the start:

  • literacy,
  • the ability to express your thoughts orally and in writing,
  • skills in the text editor Word.

To get started, you may take a training course. This requires a small investment of money, but in 1 – 3 months you will be able to receive regular orders and decent money for your work. Without special training, you have to take the cheapest orders and fill your bumps. But both paths lead to good results if you regularly practice and improve your skills.

Writing has many modern directions:

  • writing informational articles for various sites,
  • preparation of sales copies for online stores and landing pages,
  • filling groups and pages on social networks,
  • writing advertising texts, and others.

This is a pretty effective way to make money!


If you are a creative person with a sense of style, love working with graphics, and know how to use special programs, then you might enjoy the work of a designer!

What you need at the start:

  • knowledge of processing raster and vector graphics programs;
  • portfolio;
  • the ability to work on time (which is quite difficult for people of creative professions).

As with copywriting, there are many directions in design. You can work for one company or perform tasks for different customers, be a freelancer. In modern areas, the services of such specialists are needed:

  • printing, from business cards to glossy magazines;
  • typography;
  • website development;
  • design of groups and pages in social networks;
  • photo processing for individuals and businesses;
  • advertising;
  • packaging design and much more.

You may choose a specialization or try yourself in different types of work. Over time, this type of activity will become an easy way to make money.

5.Take Some Micro-Tasks

Not immense in its volume, projects serve as the easiest way to make money without leaving home. Still, working at the micro-level requires a minimum wage. You can make some money per month thanks to watching videos, playing games, or even using the search engine they may offer. Other small projects pay users to view their content, validate data, test applications and sites.

6.Be a Skillful Proofreader

Proofreaders cooperate with writers, bloggers, and even court reporters to make their content grammatically correct and free of mistakes. The role of the proofreader is to be an extra pair of eyes after the author and editor have finished their work. They review content for mistakes that may have been overlooked in the past. Find out how easy it is to make money with a proofreader.

7.Participate in Marketing Research

Online surveys won’t bring you much income, but you can make a few dollars here and there. Many survey sites pay with gift cards, but a few (like branded surveys) allow you to withdraw your incomes via PayPal or direct deposit. By consistently participating in surveys and earning points, you will be eligible for additional bonus points and awards.

Dozens of paid survey sites have been verified (many of which are scammers who claim to be legitimate organizations). So, be careful when sharing personal information with a brand you haven’t heard much about!

8.Get Cashback and Rewards for Purchases

Money-back apps and browser extensions help you save money on everything: from groceries to books. Again, you won’t make a fortune. But you save money on items you already own. Capital One Shopping is a top priority as it works with priority stores like Overstock, Vitacost, and eBay.

If you are already using Capital One, you can create a Capital One Shopping account using your regular bank login. If you are not using Capital One, then registration is a quick process. Once you create an account and receive the browser extension, Capital One will inform you at the time of shopping if this seller has an offer. You can cash out your gift card rewards at Walmart, Redbox, Sephora, and other stores.